1- shareholders in the company are said to be plotting to oust the current CEO, who is seen as being hostile to the merger.

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businessman T.

3- Boone Pickens once suggested that far too many executives have become more concerned with the "four P's" - pay, perks, power and prestige, rather than making profits for shareholders.

4- The offer of a merger of the two companies is certainly an attractive proposition for the shareholders.

5- shareholders in the company need to have more input as to the direction the company takes over the next few years.

6- But perhaps shareholders and directors at these banks will take note of the critics.

7- But T2 shareholders, who paid AU$7.40, remain behind.

8- China is set to be its largest shareholder with a stake of up to 50 percent.

9- Companies that do these deals typically promise shareholders will benefit.

10- Current shareholders will receive seven shares of Apple for each one they now own.

11- Daimler has also warned shareholders that it may have to pay considerable fines""."

12- It has been under pressure from some activist shareholders who pushed for a return of capital to shareholders.

13- Russian Financial Alliance Bank, of which Ilyumzhinov is a major shareholder, was also targeted by the sanctions.

14- The bonus issue is on a collision course with shareholders again."

15- The hedge fund's move generated speculation that Samsung would do more to protect shareholder value.

16- The Oracle of Omaha recently released his annual letter to shareholders.

17- The stock is going nowhere lately under Thompson and the shareholders are getting restless.

18- They declined to elaborate on the amount of the funds until shareholder countries have authorized the funding.

19- They return 22% worse in shareholder value over three years as compared to their peers.

20- This rule change would apply to shareholder meetings held next year.

21- We know that all shareholders and taxpayers have the voice to act on compensation now.

22- We support this restructuring and believe it is beneficial to Alibaba and, consequently, its shareholders.'

23- We want value between shareholders and employees over a long period of time.

24- Ramey recently worked as a consultant for one of Herbalife's top shareholders, William P. Stiritz.

25- 'At the same time we remain fully committed to returning significant value to shareholders.'

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