1- I saw altogether four aircraft being shot down .

2- Thomas survived being shot down five times.

3- Both enemy aircraft were shot down without loss.

4- The bomber force lost 28 aircraft shot down .

5- The inexperienced ones were quite often soon shot down .

6- He was shot down twice during the war.

7- He was set upon and shot down .

8- The remaining eight transports were shot down or made forced landings.

9- The unit claimed some 179 aircraft shot down .

10- USAAF bombers and fighters claim 50+ fighters shot down .

11- He shot down fifteen balloons and three planes.

12- He had likely been shot down and killed.

13- He shot down two before being shot down himself.

14- He shot down two before being shot down himself.

15- Two are shot down and 21 damaged.

16- They received 20 caps and shot down many more enemy aircraft.

17- At least one such aircraft was shot down .

18- David is shot down and presumed dead.

19- How many pilots' planes shot down ?

20- A "Red" had been shot down .

21- Both I-16s were shot down .

22- Six British naval aircraft were shot down .

23- Both German machines were swiftly shot down .

24- Seven Egyptian fighter aircraft are shot down .

25- The guns claimed three Ju87s shot down .

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