1- Crunch time: can a new Pebble smartwatch make it in..

2- Samsung and Sony already have smartwatches out, and new models are coming this fall.

3- The future of smartwatches smartwatch a smart idea?

4- This isn't LG's first entry into the smartwatch arena.

5- This is the first smartwatch to claim you will meet more girls and have more relationships or hook-ups."

6- 3. 78 smartwatch: what should it do beyond a Pebble?

7- 6. Motorola Moto 360 If you're seriously looking for the smartwatch to beat, this is it.

8- 78 smartwatch: what should it do beyond a Pebble?

9- A 'Nexus'-like smartwatch is expected from LG, and Samsung is doing its own Tizen-based wearables thing.

10- A video showing Fleksy in action on the Gear 2 smartwatch and the full press release follow below.

11- And Apple will debut its smartwatch in April.

12- And if the wearable is a smartwatch, it should look inconspicuous, if not beautiful.

13- And if you want notifications on your wrist, get an Android Wear smartwatch, a Pebble, or the Apple Watch.

14- And, what's more, it can tell the time, making it the perfect smartwatch for the bigger-is-better crowd.

15- Android developers were the first to carry the smartwatch torch and get some props for early entry to the market.

16- Android Wear, Google's smartwatch operating system, reconsiders what apps should look like on a tiny circular display.

17- Apple also announced an upgrade to its smartwatch operating system that will be released on 16 September.

18- Apple was granted a patent for a smartwatch in July and reports have suggested now is the time for its debut.

19- Apple Watch joins the Pebble, pictured here, in the growing smartwatch market.

20- Apple Watch: Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch smartwatch, the company's first wearable device.

21- Apple's main rival Samsung has long had a range of larger handsets and has tried to market a smartwatch of its own.

22- At this point, Apple has a few competitors in the smartwatch market, some of which come in various styles.

23- Both are angled toward getting you to buy an Android Wear smartwatch.

24- But Android smartwatches cost about as much, and Apple Watch just a bit more, starting at $449 in Canada.

25- But regardless of the overall appetite for smartwatches, the consensus seems to be that Apple will be the clear leader.

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