1- I prefer soccer to baseball.

2- I've got a sore throat from yelling so much during the soccer game.

3- soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

4- Professional soccer has failed to generate much excitement in this country.

5- Canada's win over Mexico in the 2000 Gold Cup was a major upset in the world of soccer.

6- I like to play soccer.

7- Heather couldn't go to her dentist appointment because she had a soccer game, so she tried rescheduling, but couldn't get anything for a week.

8- schemeWould you like to play soccer with us?

9- The entire nation celebrated when their soccer team came home with the Olympic gold medal.

10- The young boy got the wind knocked out of him when he got hit in the stomach with the soccer ball.

11- We will have to put off the soccer game because of the bad weather.

12- I pulled a muscle in my leg playing soccer yesterday.

13- I'm good at soccer.

14- We are looking for a sponsor to help fund our local soccer team.

15- The people of Argentina have a passion for soccer, and professional soccer players often become national heroes.

16- Henry Kissinger once suggested that no team sport evokes the same sort of universal passion as soccer.

17- Pelé is perhaps the most famous soccer player in the history of the sport.

18- soccer's widespread appeal in the poor parts of the world is due to the fact that no special equipment is required, other than some kind of ball.

19- The U.

20- S.

21- national soccer team is currently ranked about 12th in the world.

22- soccer is very popular in Spain.

23- Pelé was a spectacular soccer player, one of the best in the history of the game.

24- The soccer game was a bitterly fought match between two teams that have always hated each other.

25- Joseph likes playing soccer, but Lawrence's preference is baseball.

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