1- The office building was sold off in 1985.

2- The western five acres were sold off later in 1922.

3- The property was sold off in 1977.

4- Various lines were outsourced and sold off .

5- The trust also sold off additional lands.

6- The company has also sold off various assets.

7- The original company may sell off the housing.

8- The company has been selling off its manufacturing facilities.

9- Selling off assets to replace operational expenditure is gross negligence .

10- The current thinking is to sell off freight services first.

11- The estate was sold off in parts from1919.

12- Afterwards settlers often sold off their new land.

13- It was reelected in 1986 and began selling off crown corporations.

14- Wilfrid frequently had to sell off horses to pay off debts.

15- Nationwide had sold off its radio stations by 1997.

16- We are obliged to sell off property with recoverable values.

17- She is now selling off the leases.

18- It has also sold off some retail labels .

19- The villagers must sell off their livestock to pay .

20- Which at root means to sell off .

21- It should be sold off to another company.

22- Must be selling off some old furniture.

23- But selling off the American weather satellites is another matter.

24- In 1923 the canal's reservoirs were sold off .

25- The company occasionally uses eBay to sell off discontinued merchandise.

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