1- It hangs, in two parts, in the tall window that allows light into the stairwell.

2- Police officers were waiting by the stairwell.

3- Another favorite slogan, 'Make good decisions,' was printed on a large banner dangling near a stairwell.

4- Band members could be seen inside a high school stairwell staring out of a window and looking down at the debris.

5- By game time, several sections in the upper bowl were opened to eliminate fans sitting in the stairwells.

6- Chief Eastham confirms that stairwells did collapse.

7- Four days before her body was found, a doctor reported to a nurse that he saw a woman slumped over in the stairwell.

8- Gurley's death occurred during a chance encounter on a pitch black stairwell in a Brooklyn housing project.

9- He said when he looked out his window, he saw the victim on the stairwell landing.

10- He saw Brady coming down the basement stairwell, then shot him.

11- I feel terrible that he was killed for no reason in a stairwell,' Blondel said.

12- In 2009 another partying 21-year-old fell to his death in that same stairwell.

13- In tower running, racers dash up the stairwells of large buildings then descend via the elevator.

14- John Alexis, who says he's been living on the streets for a decade, says some young kids sleep in stairwells.

15- Police officials have said the officer's gun may have discharged by accident when he was patrolling a dark stairwell.

16- Police released security camera video showing a shadowy figure dressed in a dark hoodie walking near a stairwell.

17- Roderer warms up with a few howls in the stairwell.

18- Schofield was also standing in the stairwell.

19- Security then escorted him out to the top of the stairwell.

20- She turned on the light in the stairwell, listened to her shoes click and shuffle against the hard stone.

21- The artwork arches like a rainbow through large windows inside the jail, anchored between two stairwells.

22- The conference took place in the War Room, which, according to White, connects to the Governor's office via a stairwell.

23- The deceased was not engaged in any activity other than trying to enter the stairwell, he added.

24- The labor organizer has conducted them in church stairwells, outside labor camps, inside ICE detention centers.

25- However, the northeast stairwell landing on the second floor had no blocking fire door.

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