1- Parents complained to the school that the book their children were reading in class was too stereotypical in its description of boys' and girls' roles, with the male characters being strong and adventurous, and the female characters being very shy and timid.

2- Paul has a stereotypically male world view that most women find somewhat annoying.

3- Many people in the Italian community felt insulted by the stereotypical depiction of Italians as members of the Mafia.

4- My dad was the stereotypical American father of his generation, he worked a lot, and hardly spent any time with his children.

5- 'It's not a stereotypical backwoods, Dukes of Hazards thing,' Gunby said.

6- Algieri, from Huntington, New York, is hardly the stereotypical pugilist.

7- As Goggins puts it, 'pictures about the archetypal not the stereotypical South.'

8- By collaborating they go beyond the stereotypical characters that our detractors would like us to be.

9- He described her as a demon onstage and a stereotypical Jewish grandmother when she was offstage.

10- He's a stereotypical Tea Party candidate, aggressively threatening our national well-being.

11- I also got to thinking about my own experiences as someone having a stereotypically "black-sounding" name.

12- In its structure the Mississippi Summer Project defied the stereotypical pattern of racial power in America.

13- In my book Brick Walls: Tales of Hope & Courage from Pakistan, I use every story to advance a non-stereotypical agenda.

14- It hearkens back to something that's archaic and stereotypical as opposed to what the modern day Indian is about.

15- It was strikingly honest and charged and it cast an interesting perspective on the stereotypical Ivy League student.

16- On the surface, I'm a stereotypical GW girl: I wear leggings and combat boots and Instagram my pumpkin spice lattes.

17- She added: "The stereotypical popular view is still one of dominant control by men.

18- She speaks with a stereotypical southern accent.

19- The characters are a bit too stereotypical, but they are well-performed.

20- The IRS has become the stereotypical ruthless tax collector.

21- The marketing made it seem really awful and stereotypical.

22- These shows routinely feature actors of color in nonstereotypical roles, and interracial relationships are the norm.

23- They learn about how to critically discuss aboriginal issues with students, including analyzing stereotypical texts.

24- What could be stereotypical characters is not because we have so many layers.

25- She's not the stereotypical Satan worshiper that many people associate with rock.

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