1- Did you stop at the red light?

2- The plane didn't stop at New York.

3- Let's stop at the next gas station.

4- What town does the bus stop at next?

5- The train doesn't stop at that station.

6- I'm going to stop at this hotel for the night.

7- My car usually stalls when I stop at a traffic light.

8- The classes stopped at noon, when we had lunch.

9- We stopped at the top of the mountain to admire the view of the forest.

10- We stopped at the top of the mountain to admire the view of the peninsula.

11- The insect crawled up a blade of grass, and then stopped at the top to look around.

12- The businessman stopped at the hotel front desk to inquire whether there had been any messages for him.

13- In the past, if you were stopped at a police road block, you were told to walk a straight line to show that you weren't drunk.

14- The other day I stopped at a secondhand bookstore on my way home from school and happened to find a book I had been looking for for a long time.

15- We'll stop at the New Osaka Hotel and pick up Mr Takakura.

16- There are shuttle buses that stop at several hotels in Tokyo.

17- We'd better stop at a gas station pretty soon, we're low on fuel.

18- He's a crafty old man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

19- In Israel, failure to stop at traffic lights results in a fine of about $625.

20- We'd better stop at a gas station, and pump up your tires, they're getting a little low.

21- In the book, the President is depicted as a very selfish, arrogant man who will stop at nothing to gain power.

22- Pablo Casals once said, "The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border?"

23- I always switch to a lower gear on my bike when I stop at a light so that it's easy to get going once the light turns green.

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