1- This produced a tactical problem as yet unknown.

2- Lazio faced a unique tactical problem campaigning upstate.

3- tactical problems were just some of the difficulties facing the German night defences.

4- Training is constant and focuses on physical conditioning, mock battles, and tactical problems .

5- These writers were faced with a fundamental tactical problem in the development of democratic theory.

6- There were tactical problems with this, as low-flying aircraft were vulnerable to ground fire.

7- This tactical problem had been pointed out by John Trumbull when Gates was in command.

8- The intermediate objectives map can also be used equally to set the objective for tactical problems .

9- The basic tactical problem of the assault was to smash through the hard shell of enemy shore defenses.

10- When that occurs, their own forces may well be presented with a major logistical and tactical problem .

11- This highlights a crucial tactical problem for new groups or those whose demands are seen as in some way unconventional.

12- Still, he judged that his year in Kansas stimulated his thinking about tactical problems and, voicing a conclusion shared by many of his peers, believed the real importance of the Command and General Staff School was that it gave his entire generation of officers a common tactical language and technique for problem solving.

13- He had to assign priorities on the limited space of the planes and boats, determining whether the soldiers would receive bullets or rations, or food for the natives who were indispensable as carriers and would go home unless fed, or replacements for the ordnance watches "going to hell" in the damp climate of the Papuan jungle and needed for synchronization of combat efforts, or canister and flame throwers when weapons available in the front lines failed to solve tactical problems .

14- If at the conclusion of the Guadalcanal operation the intrinsic merit of the flame thrower was still in doubt, this combat experience with the weapon did provide answers to several important tactical problems .

15- These passages highlight some of the strategic and tactical problems involved in transferring the model of the Black movement in the United States to Northern Ireland.

16- The only difference between them was their individual conception of the tactical problems involved and in the reasons they gave for their hostile attitude concerning the Ukrainian question.


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