1- The taxi driver was stabbed in the arm and chest by a man who then robbed him, and fled with all the money.

2- Is she a taxi driver?

3- The police blamed the accident on the taxi driver.

4- The taxi driver couldn't see what lay beyond the bend in the road.

5- The policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.

6- I hear that even taxi drivers often get lost in Tokyo.

7- Their father is a taxi driver.

8- She is a taxi driver.

9- My father cheated on his income tax by not declaring all the tips he received as a taxi driver.

10- Body odor is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers.

11- Carpet merchants, hoteliers and even taxi drivers are ever ready to swap foreign currencies for the riyal.

12- I was screaming at the taxi driver to go faster because I wanted to break the story.

13- 'The city could be doing more to protect passengers and taxi drivers alike,' he said.

14- The taxi driver was assaulted and racially abused.

15- The taxi driver was not injured in the robbery.

16- We love airport taxi driver signs Foreign airports can be intimidating places.

17- We are tired of this situation,"" said Alain Griset, president of the National Union of taxi drivers."

18- 'It's hard to be the breadwinner, the mom, the dad, the taxi driver, the financial planner, the disciplinarian.

19- 4. What should I do about distracted taxi drivers?

20- A taxi driver came to Didham's rescue, helping him and his wife get the paperwork they needed to get back home.

21- A taxi driver says he picked up passengers at around 1am on Christmas Eve in St George's Avenue, Sheerness.

22- A union that represents taxi drivers said revenues have dropped 20% since Uber moved into Hong Kong in August 2014.

23- According to the taxi driver, that abortion was conducted on a girl who was about 15 or 16 years old.

24- Asked to point out the NLD symbol among a display of feathery logos, taxi driver Yangon Than Oo wasn't sure.

25- Berlin taxi drivers protest over Uber.

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