1- He was theoretically blind without his glasses.

2- The two crucial games were theoretically simultaneous.

3- This way future treachery was theoretically discouraged.

4- Under the old calculation method negative underlying prices were theoretically possible.

5- Both phenomena have been fully explored theoretically .

6- These values were established both theoretically and experimentally.

7- His powers theoretically are more apparent than real.

8- They are both theoretically and practically intriguing.

9- Gender discrimination is theoretically different from sexism.

10- This biomass could theoretically power four million natural gas vehicles .

11- While theoretically possible, both are unlikely.

12- Data analysis was theoretically guided by a logic model framework.

13- Energy savings are lower than theoretically predicted but still high.

14- Data sharing is a complex and theoretically challenging undertaking.

15- Social anthropology is conceptually and theoretically similar to sociology.

16- Some combinations and organizations were more theoretically and aesthetically pleasing.

17- Younger houses were theoretically subordinate to the eldest house.

18- The process could theoretically be repeated forever.

19- Normal models are continuous and theoretically extend forever in both directions.

20- Some were of a theoretically periodic nature.

21- The procedure must theoretically work for arbitrarily large arguments.

22- This is now theoretically confirmed thanks to elaborate red giant modeling.

23- It is one of 12 theoretically possible interactions.

24- They tentatively confirmed that a fission bomb was theoretically possible.

25- Nuclear power can theoretically become a nuclear weapon .

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