1- Delaware Street is another major thoroughfare that moves traffic north out of downtown.

2- Several hundred people have taken to the main thoroughfare of the much-transited neighborhood in Thursday's protest.

3- The analogy is akin to a young child clasping the hand of an adult on a busy thoroughfare.

4- There's no place else in the continent or in the world that has a major thoroughfare called Shaganappi Trail.

5- These cameras were originally installed by TDOT to give preference to the main thoroughfare, which is the bypass.

6- He was thrown in the air and landed in the middle of the busy Rose Hall thoroughfare.

7- Briggate was originally the main north-south thoroughfare in Leeds from where the city grew.

8- Dorchester Road, a main thoroughfare, remained impassable Wednesday in some spots.

9- Halesworth is primarily centred on a pedestrianised, shopping street known as The thoroughfare.

10- No thoroughfare Canyon does have small waterfalls during the spring run-off, but is dry for most of the year.

11- Normandie, midway between them, is a secondary north-south thoroughfare with a bus line.

12- On McHenry Avenue--a major thoroughfare-there is a Burlington Coat Factory, and a Barnes and Noble Booksellers location.

13- Route 219 Expressway from Buffalo through Cattaraugus County will provide another major thoroughfare in Western New York.

14- That trail later became the main thoroughfare through New Glarus.

15- The area's principal thoroughfare, Stroud Green Road is well known for its range of shops and restaurants.

16- The Chilterns Shopping Centre The shopping centre is really a covered thoroughfare with shops on either side.

17- The court heard that McBean claims to have found the SIM card while walking along a thoroughfare.

18- The highway continued through the gates and into the city as a main thoroughfare.

19- The other major thoroughfare is the Eixo Monumental, which cuts Brasília from East to West.

20- The town is divided east from west at State Street, a major thoroughfare in downtown Erie.

21- US 20 was the major thoroughfare through New York State for a few decades.

22- Wheeler Road, a main thoroughfare through west Augusta is named after him as well.

23- As well as providing access to the station, this enables thoroughfare between the two sides of the railway line.

24- The thoroughfare is home to many specialist shops and cafes as well as playing host to events throughout the year.

25- Qidong is a thoroughfare of venerable age, spanning the Qing Dynasty, the Japanese Colonial Era, and contemporary times.

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