1- The most important thing for my son when we go to a hockey tournament out of town is whether or not the hotel we stay at has a swimming pool.

2- The team's victory in this tournament has ensured them a place in the Olympics next year.

3- enterpriseMy daughter is competing in a city-wide badminton tournament this weekend.

4- Instead of everyone taking their own car, we have decided to charter a bus for the parents and players to go up island for the hockey tournament.

5- Russia's sudden exit from the tournament has shocked hockey fans all over the country.

6- In 1990, tennis pro John McEnroe became the first player in 27 years to be disqualified from a major tournament for bad behavior.

7- Find someone who has participated in a tournament of some kind.

8- towOur team beat last year's winners 5-0 in the first round of the tournament.

9- Your next opponents in this tournament have lost all their previous games, so I don't think you'll have too much trouble with them.

10- She lost the tournament in the final round, but she won a new tennis racquet as a consolation prize.

11- The senior PGA tour is a golf tournament designed for golfers 50 years old and up.

12- The Tacoma team chartered a bus to take them to the tournament in Seattle.

13- The sporting goods store gave us a 10% discount for any equipment we bought for the tournament.

14- Larry seems supremely confident of winning the tournament, but I wouldn't bet on him.

15- Over 40 world-class golfers are competing for the tournament prize of $500,000.

16- Takanohana dominated the Japanese sumo wrestling scene in the mid 1990s, winning four of six annual tournaments and finishing second in a fifth.

17- Our company holds a just-for-fun tennis tournament every summer.

18- In Malaysia, badminton tournaments frequently attract crowds of up to 15,000 people.

19- The other players cheered and slapped Dana on the back when he was given the award as the most valuable player in the tournament.

20- Dave signed up for the tennis tournament, so I did likewise.

21- After several postponements, our badminton tournament has finally been scheduled for July 20th.

22- It gave our team a real boost to beat the first place team at the beginning of the tournament.

23- The U.

24- S.

25- must beat Russia to be certain of a place in the next round of the tournament.

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