1- Big-budget science fiction flop "transcendence" meanwhile slipped two places to sixth.

2- In the recent film "transcendence," Johnny Depp starred as a sentient machine.

3- Jack Paglen, the writer of the upcoming transcendence, has agreed to pen the reboot's screenplay.

4- Moments of transcendence are bittersweet things.

5- Permalink Flag Carlos 14 hours ago Scott I think you overlooked a flop this year: transcendence.

6- That's interesting, given the subject matter of transcendence.

7- There's a lot of metaphysics to Wudang kung fu goals, which include immortality, health, and transcendence.

8- transcendence stars Johnny Depp as a scientist who winds up with his psyche transferred into a computer.

9- For this reason transcendence theory often works towards a more quantitative approach.

10- His tour with Jay Z broke records and marked transcendence into the mainstream.

11- It is true that by its transcendence the Divine is beyond the scope of human rational study.

12- The elevated sense of ecstasy experienced by Aristos when causing pain to psions is called transcendence.

13- The major virtues they identified include wisdom / knowledge; courage; humanity; justice; temperance; and transcendence.

14- Sounds: Thoreau opens this chapter by warning against relying too much on literature as a means of transcendence.

15- Devi, in her supreme form as consciousness thus transcends gender, but her transcendence is not apart from her immanence.

16- In Hindu-Java mythology, the smith is thought to possess not only the skill to alter metals, but also the key to spiritual transcendence.

17- The beginning, in Kinderman's analysis, of variations achieving "transcendence," evoking "the entire musical universe as Beethoven knew it.

18- With that perspective, 'transcendence' doesn't seem too farfetched, making it as much a social commentary as a technological one.

19- Thus, humanity is chosen for salvation in Jesus Christ, at the permanent cost of God's self-surrendered hiddenness, or transcendence.

20- She associates the indeterminate nature of percussive timbres with the mystical longing and the potential freedom of human transcendence.

21- Thus, human fulfilment does not lie in returning to a sacred time, but in escaping from time altogether, in "a transcendence of the cosmos."

22- Manifold Caretakers A Progenitor (alien) race that seeks to protect the Sixth Manifold (Chiron) and to prevent the process of transcendence.

23- However, Buddhists do believe that Nirvana is an eternal, transcendental state, so Nirvana is the main concept of transcendence in Buddhism.

24- Qadri started creating figurative works, slowly veering toward abstraction, and ultimately abandoning representation in a search for transcendence.

25- Furthermore, Mariana is unlike the Romantic poems because the character is not one with nature or able to achieve transcendence through imagination.

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