1- From our end, you can't replace independence and transparency."

2- He also called for transparency and trust between police and citizens and no longer making blacks a target.

3- He focused on transparency, and promised to provide more open access to government data for Islanders.

4- Lack of transparency may be one.

5- Legislation this year must also enhance police accountability, transparency and community trust.

6- 'The auditor general agreed with us that there is no transparency and no accountability.

7- They applauded the commitment to more transparency and more privacy protections for non-U.

8- 'It just adds to the complete lack of transparency about what happened.'

9- 'More openness and transparency is the best way to resolve doubts about openness and transparency,' Ko said.

10- 'We want transparency so we felt it best that the matter be looked at by those not in our school system.'

11- A process completely lacking transparency.

12- Access to technology is indeed helping to increase transparency.

13- Agenda 2020 is also targeting financial transparency within the organization, as well as good governance.

14- Al Qubaisi said he was working to improve transparency.

15- All IP addresses are visible in Wikipedia editing as part of site's transparency rules.

16- Among his chief concerns: Sandy recovery, fiscal accountability, policy transparency, education and the state pension.

17- And in order to make sure that authority is being used correctly, we need transparency into what they are doing.'

18- And it would have increased transparency around the NSA's requests for user information from technology companies.

19- And more transparency means more data for journalists to dig into.

20- And to help increase transparency, there should be a full salary disclosure of ExCo members, including the president.

21- Anti-corruption group transparency International expressed 'serious concern.'

22- At such a time, people need the air and light of transparency.

23- But a lack of transparency is not what causes these problems.

24- But advocates of global tax reform say their plans fall short on transparency and might even make things worse.

25- But as everyone knows, transparency is itself a paradox; with too much transparency, you get a haze of opacity.

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