1- Our youth theatre troupe members are highly trained and stage savvy.

2- What an amazing feat this troupe has accomplished.

3- We came across a troupe of uniformed school boys walking home.

4- You just found yourself an acting troupe .

5- A troupe typically consisted of 13 to 14 members.

6- The troupe presents several shows throughout the year.

7- The clubs are arranged by actress seniority within the troupe .

8- The usually plays secondary roles in a troupe .

9- Bad associations cling unfairly to this troupe .

10- The new theatre troupe went bankrupt in 1645.

11- It is considered a conservative and traditional troupe .

12- The troupe is run by an independent acting club.

13- Featuring an award winning puppet troupe to spark discussion.

14- Competition to join the troupe was murderous.

15- Perhaps we should organize a homeless theatre troupe .

16- The Plaza troupe were delighted with themselves.

17- The troupe were left stranded in Riga.

18- Probably the earliest gay theater companies were drag troupes .

19- The local siren troupe , we asked each other.

20- Miss Kitty declared the troupe "king of underground theater.

21- The queen's troupe consisted of over 300 musicians.

22- The troupe reformed for various tours and comedy festivals in 2000.

23- I could have used less troupe throughout the number.

24- The play is free, but the troupe accepts donations.

25- The patent is required for the troupe to perform.

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