1- My knees are turning purple around the bones.

2- Old leaves can turn purple colours before falling off.

3- She knew a police urine test would turn purple .

4- He began screaming threats and his head turned purple .

5- I 'm glad this state is finally turning purple !

6- Her body turned purple and broke out in enormous blisters.

7- I let go when she started turning purple .

8- My hand was turning purple but there was no actual wounds.

9- Glossy green leaves turn purple and red in winter.

10- My finger became so swollen that it was turning purple and red.

11- I do not sweat or puke or turn purple .

12- Alexander Abraham turned purple with rage.

13- He saw Auguste and turned purple .

14- Dad thought a moment, watching the thing turn purple with pink polka dots.

15- Pater Balka turns purple after a bug stings him.

16- Hernandez was warming up to start when he noticed his thumb had turned purple .

17- Unfortunately, Ms. Levine's hand and forearm turned purple and then black.

18- This allows for the film's unparalleled color stability, maintaining appearance without turning purple .

19- According to Dutch Passion, only about 50% of the plants turn purple .

20- At this time of year the moors turn purple with the flowering of heathers.

21- The foot swelled, turned purple and forced his evacuation by helicopter to Hue for treatment.

22- Moreover, when wounded (probably by colliding with a ward) his eyes turned purple .

23- His face turned purple and his fists clenched, the tendons in his neck stuck out.

24- The skin appears white or yellowish with a waxy texture and will turn purple upon rewarming.

25- The edges had turned purple , from ultraviolet rays hitting manganese in the glass, she said.

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