1- He won't turn up tonight.

2- We waited for him to turn up.

3- We waited long, but he didn't turn up.

4- He did not turn up after all.

5- He didn't turn up after all.

6- Farmers turn up the soil with plows.

7- It sure is cold in the building today.

8- Could you please phone the custodian, and ask him to turn up the heat?He is certain to turn up some time.

9- She did not turn up after all.

10- I thought it se that he didn't turn up.

11- I'm not sure as to when he will turn up.

12- He is certain to turn up.

13- She is certain to turn up.

14- I waited half an hour for my friend, but he didn't turn up.

15- She did not turn up.

16- The man I was waiting for didn't turn up.

17- No one can tell what may turn up tomorrow.

18- Police have failed to turn up any new evidence about the murder.

19- I just kept thinking that she and my elder daughter would also turn up, the way Rina did."

20- 'Hopefully it'll turn up someway somehow,' Gilligham of Gillingham Construction said Wednesday morning.

21- 'It was disappointing, we didn't turn up tonight,' Smith said.

22- And, the family presented with a 15.95 invoice for their child's failure to turn up at a birthday party.

23- As long as your kids don't eat paint chips I think we're ok Maybe they just want you to turn up the Led Zeppelin!

24- Ashley Ford: Buzzfeed Ashley Ford's Club turn up would have "TWO snack rooms.

25- But, last night, One Direction did not even turn up.

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