1- Others were lice infested, and ulcerated .

2- She died of ulcerated colitis at twenty-four.

3- The overlying mucosa may be either intact or ulcerated .

4- And therefore their flesh is ulcerated and permeable disease.

5- In later stages, the skin tumors may become ulcerated and infected.

6- It does not look like cotton or ulcerated .

7- Dysentery was equally common, with ulcerated bowels.

8- An ulcerated cornea is associated with bacterial infections, such as keratitis.

9- The exophytic masses may be pedunculated and are often ulcerated .

10- It becomes hazy and dry, and then ulcerated .

11- In case of heavy tissue damage, ulcerated necrotic dermatitis may occur.

12- Small ulcerated areas may be surrounded by oedema and be extremely tender.

13- Culture taken from the ulcerated lesions yielded Vibrio alginolyticus.

14- The choice of where clients with ulcerated limbs should be treated is extremely important.

15- Sounds like the tang is ulcerated .

16- The section of prolapsed rectal mucosa can become ulcerated , leading to bleeding.

17- There also are grayish-white plaques, old ulcerated plaques that became calcified.

18- Impetigo and its ulcerated form , ecthyma, are both highly contagious.

19- The throat felt ulcerated and the saliva was increased and now was in great quantities!

20- Their throat can be ulcerated and tends to be worse on the right side.

21- Wright et al have described EGF secreting lineages containing neutral mucin arising beside ulcerated intestinal mucosa.

22- It can reduces fever and toxins involved in most inflammatory skin diseases and ulcerated mucous membranes.

23- His prolonged exposure to the radioactive material led to his right forearm becoming ulcerated , requiring amputation.

24- Compared to the tumor above, this a very large and ulcerated grade III mast cell tumor.

25- Painful or ulcerated nipples are warning you that you could do with a medical check-up.

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