1- The idiosyncratic color variations among electronic displays are unacceptable .

2- They are more conscious date rape is unacceptable .

3- The inhumane actions against the fishermen are unacceptable .

4- Failing to provide those services adequately is unacceptable .

5- Your brand of "stewardship" is unacceptable .

6- These things are unacceptable in modern football.

7- Anything less than winning is totally unacceptable .

8- Many images are unacceptable for permanent display.

9- A conventional war would still cause unacceptable devastation.

10- What this man has done is beyond unacceptable .

11- Resolution of unacceptable behaviour complaints 29 29.

12- Management of unacceptable behaviour complaints 28 28.

13- Surely such consequences are unacceptable and entirely unnecessary.

14- What is technically feasible is sometimes unacceptable to consumers.

15- Behavior modification may help control unacceptable or dangerous behaviors.

16- Traditional consumption could soon become socially unacceptable .

17- These same behaviors are unacceptable for adolescent females.

18- He called the situation "totally unacceptable .

19- He argued that "violence against government buildings is unacceptable .

20- This includes defective products or unacceptable outcomes.

21- This test proved the nozzle control system unacceptable .

22- Ofcom concluded that nothing unacceptable had happened.

23- Critical functions are those whose disruption is regarded as unacceptable .

24- This attitude is wholly disappointing and unacceptable .

25- The lack of transparency surrounding such deals is simply unacceptable ".

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