1- Your lover owned undoubtedly played overseas previous rotating 18.

2- The more desperate remedies undoubtedly reflected desperate motives.

3- One force undoubtedly underlying such shifts is economic.

4- The total should undoubtedly have been larger.

5- It is undoubtedly a great rock route.

6- He says this decision undoubtedly strengthens democracy.

7- The pop star of calcium sources is undoubtedly milk.

8- The male interviewer undoubtedly saw the light.

9- The game is undoubtedly best played in multiplayer mode.

10- Implementing shared cache undoubtedly introduces more wiring and complexity.

11- The charges as made were undoubtedly true.

12- This undoubtedly affected admissions in later years.

13- Vertical looms are undoubtedly more comfortable to operate.

14- The living quarters of servants undoubtedly improved.

15- For honey is undoubtedly a living substance.

16- It is undoubtedly an ecological catastrophe".

17- My favourite roles were undoubtedly the sinister ones.

18- The primary cause was undoubtedly a thermal plume.

19- This has undoubtedly experienced si significant rise in unemployment.

20- The information they acquired undoubtedly saved countless lives .

21- The numbers have undoubtedly gotten much worse since .

22- The number of cases is undoubtedly higher today .

23- Excessive alcohol undoubtedly damages brain cells and brain function .

24- They had undoubtedly been asking for trouble.

25- It really was remarkable and undoubtedly has considerable commercial value.

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