1- The four most important inventions of the Chinese are widely accepted to be paper, printing, gunpowder, and the compass.

2- His theory is widely accepted as valid.

3- The U.

4- S.

5- military is supposed to admit homosexuals, but I don't think they are widely accepted yet.

6- He derived his conclusions through logic based upon a number of widely accepted premises.

7- He was widely accepted as a game changer in schools.

8- But the practice is by no means widely accepted.

9- Dogs are not treated as pets in Afghanistan, and keeping strays on base is not widely accepted by officers.

10- It is widely accepted that there is a case for enhancing the revenue raising powers of the Scottish Parliament.

11- Others are widely accepted though disputed by some (e.g.

12- The second most widely accepted stereotype worldwide is "Jews have too much power in the business world."

13- There are no widely accepted English names of the routes.

14- Until recently, it was widely accepted as something that would improve slowly time.

15- This type of entity exists in the U.A.E. states as a widely accepted way to do business and is referred as L.L.C..

16- Only the notes issued by the largest, most creditworthy banks were widely accepted.

17- Although his opinion was only law in New York State, the solution he advanced was widely accepted elsewhere.

18- Another account, more widely accepted, says he was pushed by a female named Pasha, also a Russian performer.

19- Benefit: XML technology is widely accepted and used technology.

20- But for several decades now regional accents have been more widely accepted and are frequently heard.

21- Despite the fairly concrete evidence of Chichen Itza's seniority, this theory is not widely accepted.

22- Dhangars were created by Lord Shiva and that they were never Shudras but are Kshtriyas is the widely accepted theory.

23- However, the new party-based security system in SNMP v2, viewed by many as overly complex, was not widely accepted.

24- Moreover, legal tender in Campione d'Italia is the Swiss Franc, even with the euro widely accepted.

25- Over time, this knowledge was lost, and the myth above became widely accepted.

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