innovation in a sentence

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Obstacles and regulations that hinder innovation and entrepreneurship activities should be abrogated .

Open source is the engine that drives technological innovation.

A company that stifles innovation can’t hope to grow very much.

Interactive video discs are a very recent technological innovation for language learning.

This company has a reputation for innovation and dynamism in the software development industry.

Pearson College has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in international education.

Inadequate leisure time can be seen as a limiting factor that prevents innovation and experimentation.

A recent innovation in technology in Switzerland is a wristwatch that is less than one millimeter in thickness.

Mike Vance once observed that innovation is the creation of the new, or the re-arranging of the old in a new way.

The accompaniment of a string quartet to the Beatles’ song “Yesterday” was considered a real musical innovation in its time.

The city of Florence played host to a brilliant period of artistic innovation near the beginning of the seventeenth century.

A recent study suggests that Christian churches, with varying degrees of explicitness, tend to function as opponents of moral innovation.

Messina wrote that innovation appears to be slowing for the Web tool.

Managed properly, information security need not constrain innovation.

It’s just an amazing innovation by animals to exploit a food resource.

The 21st century requires an analogous shift to the “innovation state.”

The federal government will release its innovation statement on Monday.

He’s on board with attracting more immigrants and promoting innovation.

Pakistanis won several international citizenship and innovation awards.

He said Starbucks has been a leader in innovation in the drinks sector.

This will serve it well as the pace of innovation accelerates around it.

The right constraints in the right places can be innovation accelerators.

305996 How are you preparing for innovation and business model disruption?

The Auto Taser won the show’s innovation award and a lot of admiring press.

“Canadian companies will always compete on higher added-value and innovation.

Minister of innovation, advanced education, jobs, skills training and labour.

Resources are rarely pooled for innovation, leading to chronic short-termism.

704095 The criteria include innovation and the ability to meet community needs.

306075 How can innovation & sustainable development foster health & prosperity?

This innovation led Forbes Magazine to name Adesina African of the year in 2013.

One innovation which pleases The Gavel is the creation of a backbenchers’ debate.

He also proposed revisions to China’s companies law to better support innovation.

MacDonald says the long-term effects would be to quash innovation and competition.

We trade our skills, knowledge, realised ideas, innovation and islands,” he shared.

This innovation is being driven by market forces and state and federal legislation.

New targets will trigger innovation and investments, he told a Brussels conference.

Standardization has long been an important engine for innovation and economic growth.

So while some teams emphasize hardware innovation, Team IHMC could focus on software.

It wasn’t the time for radical innovation, but that’s exactly what the Royal Oak was.

It’s self-assigned innovation and each one of them has been doing whatever they could.

Look back at what worked to determine future strategies, remaining open to innovation.

Bayer Healthcare’s Christian Ulrich says “we want to bring in innovation from outside.”

Does Internet censorship kill innovation in China? 02:07 “It’s hunger,” says Kai-Fu Lee.

Startups can reshape entire industries through technology and business model innovation.

When we were doing our research globally, creativity and innovation is a very big thing.

The result: A sustained competitive advantage in quality, delivery, cost and innovation.

Mobile technology is emerging as a powerful ally in medical innovation on the continent.

Such practices harm both competition and innovation, it quoted the competitors as saying.

But this innovation was still was not enough to deserve a patent, the appeals court said.

These entrepreneurs are emerging due to the need for innovation and change in the sector.

“Retirement as a distinct stage of life is a fairly recent innovation,” the authors write.

Founder of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, which promotes innovation in education.

We expect that cost synergies generated will be largely reinvested into product innovation.”

None of this swift growth and innovation would have been possible without strong leadership.

VivaCell-MTS is the leader in innovation and development of the mobile market of the country.

My team and I interviewed Maci about her startup: challenges, plans to scale, and innovation.

It said the money would go towards innovation in space transport and satellite manufacturing.

Additional information on the new school pathway and innovation in Cedar Hill ISD is attached.

Twitter has picked up the pace of product innovation Costolo tried to address these challenges.

The second type of innovation is important,” Suh said at a press conference earlier this month.

In particular, innovation within the transportation industry presents a great opportunity for us.

HP, based in Palo Alto, California, had been known for tech innovation, but its growth had slowed.

Too much cash being returned to investors rather than going to fund new investment and innovation.

Sam Adams of the World Resources Institute said the policy would “drive technological innovation.”

Technological innovation and smart policy decisions could yet reverse the forces of global warming.

Besides examples of innovation and entrepreneurship, they could also be a sign of economic recovery.

Our hope and intent is that this initiative offers a degree of innovation that benefits all parties.

The dynamic home screen of the watch and the Digital Crown are unique and speak of Apple innovation.

314788 I also focus on looking at reverse innovation, issues of convergence and new business models.

Formerly a partner at McKinsey, he taught entrepreneurship and innovation at Harvard Business School.

672759 That too would be innovation, but not focused on using the energy sources that are common now.

The focus on innovation correctly belongs high on the agenda .

The focus on innovation correctly belongs high on the agenda .