local law in a sentence

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In 1845, Boston had a local law banning bathing unless you had a doctor’s prescription.

The Montgomery, Alabama boycott against the bus system, which made black people give up their seats to white passengers, lasted for 381 days, until the Supreme Court declared that Alabama’s state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were illegal.

Under a 1925 colonial order, that meant he was not bound by local laws.

The release of the material would have to come from local law enforcement agencies.

But this year’s budget is only for $100 million, and some local lawmakers aren’t happy.

Coast Guard personnel are working with local law enforcement to investigate the incident.

463686 local lawyer Jay Bran pleaded guilty to a parking violation, but went to court anyway.

103118 Before the new policy, Uber deferred to local laws regarding the carrying of firearMs.
463684 local law enforcement catches the vast majority of those who are detained at the border.

If you overstay as a British national, you will be subjected to the local laws, and rightly so.

He says the man had written threatening letters to local law enforcement and elected officials.