may be used in a sentence

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The news release also said VA continues to review how PC3 “may be used to help implement the new law.”

“It may be used for evidence in the future.

“While TRF sales may be used to grade employee performance, they should not be the sole factor,” he said.

A Coffin Lock may be used to join securely adjacent flats.

A core drill bit may be used to double the size of a hole.

A screen and projector may be used in place of books.

Any part of the body may be used to strike and be struck.

Cotton or wool threads may be used to lengthen hair.

Delivering the package to the given customer as a promotional gift may be used to build goodwill, the patent said.

E-mail Linda Burbank at Your question may be used in a future column.

For long term consent, a “Slave contract” may be used.

Fortunately — if that’s a word that may be used in this situation — everyday Americans have been filling this void.

GCs may be used only for purchases of eligible goods at or certain of its affiliated websites.

In addition to fingerprints, other locks may be used to access these apps including a pattern unlock or security pin.

Instead, he said the scope of the search may be broadened or other assets may be used.

Lower thickness may be used compared to LDPE.

So in some locales, the comma may be used instead ”0,25”.

Some of it may be used for roadways, she said.

The xattr utility may be used from the Terminal as well.

This may be used by a player rather than a tackle.

To control this disease, fungicides may be used.

Under U.S. law, donated human fetal tissue may be used for research, but profiting from the sale of it is prohibited.

Various scales may be used for different drawings in a set.

We don’t see what parts of their budget may be used to assist in this area.”

Because SPECT acquisition is very similar to planar gamma camera imaging, the same radiopharmaceuticals may be used.

2290.pdf These glaciers may be used by future colonists as a source of water.

A brief discussion is contained here in order to describe how iptables may be used to configure a Linux firewall.

A plus + may be used to designate a champion or an animal under special registration status.

A shell program, such as MoonShell, DSOrganize, or GBAMP Multiboot, may be used to boot other applications after it boots.

A single resistor may be used, or a pair (half bridge), or four resistors connected in a Wheatstone bridge configuration.

A tie-down (standing Martingale ) may be used: if so, for safety a breastplate is a necessity.

A total of 8 mechanics may be used during the stop, however, only 4 are allowed to ‘touch the car’.

A word on an alphabet is a finite sequence of symbols from the alphabet; the same symbol may be used more than once.

Acoustic violins may be used with an add-on piezoelectric bridge or body pickup.

Also, it may be used in the future to provide a “search all sites” feature.”

Alternate fingerings may be used to improve facility in certain passages.

Alternatively, a grapple fork may be used to lift and transport round bales.

Alternatively, higher volumetric energy density liquid hydrogen or slush hydrogen may be used (as in the Space Shuttle ).

An Access Control List may be used to grant permission to additional individual users or groups.

Any of the following types and sizes of cables, up to the quantity shown, may be used: *A.

Any resource combination may be used to purchase new plots of land.

Any resulting chips that are too large may be re-chipped; undersized chips may be used as fuel.

Apparillo may be used for any kind of machinery or technical equipment (origin: Apparat).

Applications Sealed NiCd cells may be used individually, or assembled into battery packs containing two or more cells.

AQ Method may be used upon perception of a posed question or answer.

At a club level, starting from a CBH or Yardstick rating a Performance Based Handicap or PBH may be used, such as PBH.

balls as in sports) or bolas may be used as a half-profane equivalent for cojones.

Bamboo may be used in the construction of the Australian didgeridoo instead of the more traditional eucalyptus wood.

Both methods may be used at local spots in a mold where the heat will be extracted quickly.

Both shadows may be used in tandem or may be driven by two different signal sources.

Cards, such as Hand Weapons or Events may be used to change the outcome of a fight.

Citric acid may be used as the main ripening agent in the first steps of making mozzarella cheese.

CNC lathes use this type of center almost exclusively and they may be used for general machining operations as well.

Despite these qualifications, the general approach may be used in valuations of real estate, equities, and other assets.

Disciplinary segregation may be used for inmates who break prison rules, Kempf said.

Écuyer is equivalent to “esquire” except that the latter may be used for any Englishman.

Féile (“faila”) is a more correct term for the dance competition, but the terms may be used interchangeably.

For applications needing a variety of hole shapes, a ticket punch may be used.

For example, larger floats may be used with liquids with specific gravities as low as 0.5 while still maintaining buoyancy.

For example, since 2005, cooperative shares may be used to secure bank loans.

Houses described as above may be used by the Iban Sea Dayak and Melanau Sea Dayak.

However, any building may be used, and sometimes natural features such as a rock outcrop.

However, in some circumstances, the weapon may be used only with one hand.

However, the same auxiliaries may be used in a wide variety of tenses, not only in the present.

Ibid. p. 28-29 Vratas may be used for many different reasons.

In general, simple makefiles may be used between various versions of make with reasonable success.

In other metals chills may be used to promote directional solidification of the casting.

In some cases a Gallium Scan may be used instead of a PET scan.

In some cases, the suffix -wise may be used to derive adverbs from nouns.

In some games, the daggers may be used as projectiles and the Assassin may be able to dualwield such weapons.

In the PS2 version, up to 4 bots may be used and up to 4 humans can play.

In this context, enumerable may be used to mean computably enumerable.

Israel believes the enrichment may be used to aid an alleged nuclear weapons program.

It also considers the ways in which artificial intelligence may be used to benefit humanity.

It is also unclear to what extent, if any, pornography or masturbation may be used as part of marital sex.

It may be used to boost the orbit of the station once docked.

It may be used to evaluate risk management priorities for mitigating known threat-vulnerabilities.

Leader weight may be used in combination with strike indicators while fishing nymphs.

Level 2: Theorem provers may be used to undertake fully formal machine-checked proofs.

LPM results may be used to support Program Objective Memorandum (POM) or Reduced Total Ownership Cost (R-TOC) efforts.

Manual worm drive For more precise position control, a worm drive may be used.

Microtabs may be used to control the lift characteristics of the blade.

Mirrors or closed-circuit cameras may be used in these cases to view the whole platform.

Modularity in Biology As in some of the other disciplines, the term modularity may be used in multiple ways in biology.

Multiple punches may be used together to create a part in one step.

No other equipment than skis and ski poles may be used for moving along the track.

Often a raised floor is used so the area under the floor may be used as a large plenum for cooled air and power cabling.

Only kanji which appear on the official list may be used in given names.

Only one type of SIMM may be used, 2 and 8 MB SIMMs cannot be mixed in the same system.

Other materials besides rubber may be used to produce a stamp.

Red nines Red nines are wild cards and may be used to substitute for any card of a different rank.

Round bends of glass tubing with ground glass joints may be used to adjust the orientation of various vessels.

Scientific notation may be used by adding e or E followed by a decimal exponent, e.g.

Several mainframes may be used together in a rack to supply the number of receivers required.

She is a tool of her mistress and may be used as a messenger.

Softpacks may be used with the same models of wings that backplates are used with.

Some arrow buttons may be used to scroll through skills so other subjects can be learned about.

Some measures may be used to reduce cost, such as making them out of recycled tires.

Some or all of them may be used, and use varies over time and according to circumstances.

Spacers to produce a larger grout line may be used, if so, sanded grout may be used.

Such information may be used by the source for adaptive media encoding ( codec ) and detection of transmission faults.

The absorber is removable, so that different materials may be used.

The card may be used at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to obtain cash, and may be used at a store to pay for purchases.

The FBP book contains a discussion of how the concept of push-down automata may be used to design components (Chapter 24).

The following types and sizes of metallic pipes may be used: *A.

The fund may be used to minimise the impact of rent restrictions for Homeless referral cases or to prevent evictions.

The generic term text may be used to refer to an individual product of a writing system.

The highest peerage dignity belonging to a Prince may be used as a part of the title of that Prince’s children.

The separated fat may be used in food products, or if in surplus, it may be diverted to soap making operations.

The specialised names turf, pitch, field or green may be used, depending on the sport and the locale.

The word “Calviniste” may be used to differentiate from Lutherans, but the word “Presbyterian” is not used at all.

These actions establish a voltage of approximately 1.5 V. The lead-acid storage battery may be used.

These are usually accomplished on quad skates, but inline skates may be used for some events.

They may be used in conjuction with the nose or hand pulling methods.

They may be used singly or in large number to cover a larger area.

This expression may be used to replace dQ/dt in the first equation which begins this section, above.

This may be used at the end of a diminuendo to indicate ‘fade out to nothing’.

This reflects the fact that in many programming languages these are the characters that may be used in identifiers.

This substance may be used to enrich planting spaces for high-demanding crops.

Thus fitting rooms may be used for changing, or just for fitting without changing.

Thus, empathy may be used to relieve distress and increase understanding and readiness for hearing.

Thus, nitrogen or carbon dioxide may be used for pressurization.

To achieve this objective MML uses a three layer hierarchy to define where elements may be used.