may seem in a sentence

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Se as it may seem, nobody was injured in the fire.

My problems may seem insignificant to you, but to me they are very important.

It may seem like a hassle, but I think you ought to go back to the basics and start over.

Haste makes waste they say.

NekoKanjya There’s more to her than you think.

She may seem pretty meek on first glance, but I get the sense she can get things done when she needs to.

A recent study suggests that odor-evoked memories may seem clearer or more intense than other memories because they are more emotional than memories triggered by audio, or visual cues.

They may seem a bit cold, but the mechanisms are cheap and efficient.

401442 It may seem a bit odd to call Starbucks an innovative company.

401445 It may seem at times that you’re not having an impact, but you are.

And that may seem weird, but I wanted to bring this gender element into it.

I hope that you feel that you are loved and valued, despite how it may seem.

Strange is it may seem, there were many common points, Putin told reporters.

539283 On the surface, it may seem logical or organic for these men to teach.

Fossil may seem like a new player in the smartwatch arena but it actually isn’t.

“It may seem surprising because people are generally good at judging personality.

While the incident may seem funny, Hernandez worries about his two young children.

401444 It may seem a small victory, but it’s one the smartphone brand needs right now.

539278 On the surface, a visit to a rain forest in the winter may seem like a bad idea.

When stock or bond prices go up, it may seem like there’s no end to how high they can go.

This may seem random, but scientist say there is a real reason for it: blame your parents.

This may seem obvious – the seasonal surge in ice cream or warm winter boots, for example.

His stance may seem counterintuitive given his reputation as an international businessman.

58127 And while that number may seem stunning, it is actually only part of a troubling story.

His methods, they may seem quite controversial to some folks, says Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.

Who am I? The questions may seem pretty obvious but there are no accurate ways to answer them.”

But some symptoms that may seem frightening or serious turn out to be far less than they appear.

Summer birds and neighborhood picnics may seem like small things to those who see them everyday.

Pay for performance, which increasingly dominates American workplaces, may seem straightforward.

That may seem kind of a stretch, though Trump does have the Gotham billionaire thing on his side.

This may seem paranoid, but there’s no better time to be cautiously paranoid than at layoff time.

To some this may seem like much ado about nothing, but losing a lovey can feel like very big deal.

It may seem odd that joyful citizens would take to the streets as their country buckles financially.

Others become agitated and may seem very demanding.

The person may seem rather guarded but very agreeable .