momentum in a sentence

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Whatever momentum they had been enjoying has been halted, has been blunted.

He said “we are pushing for real momentum so that we can get this deal done.

The nation’s economy has shown further signs of weakening momentum this year.

935040 Whether it is France, or Germany, there is momentum against this deal.”

The foreign policy focus has blunted Sanders’ momentum in the Democratic race.

The momentum is on England’s side – although that may not be a reliable guide.

But until now, the band’s boisterous momentum always held grim thoughts at bay.

All of this is bad news for a company that has been losing momentum for months.

He added that the White House still believes there is “momentum” for a victory.

Now, with Lester Holt filling in for Williams, Muir has regained some momentum.

The momentum to be able to go back home is quickly building, Haseeb Amireh said.

908543 We hope that this momentum will carry over to the debates on immigration.

And she moves with great momentum for the good of the people of South Carolina.”

673276 “That was kind of a nice momentum-keeper going into the weekend,” he said.

904874 We experienced a pronounced summer lull and no volume momentum in September.”

Automakers seemed to carry momentum into a traditionally slow month for the industry.

They must also make gains if they are to stop what polls suggest is Liberal momentum.

They are part of a trend that is picking up momentum as sales of businesses increase.

I would think getting a win like this would help gain some momentum, Cornelison said.

Here’s what really hurts: The stock’s momentum is broken and the darling glow is gone.

At least in the short term, the nations seem content in generating momentum as a group.

The shift comes at a time when government anti-smoking efforts have lost some momentum.

With enough hate or goodwill actions and reactions, will begin these emotions momentum.

I’m just really pleased with today’s qualifying result and the momentum we’re carrying.

There is political will, there is momentum but there is a lot of hard work to be done.”

Officials were cautious when discussing how much positive momentum trade would deliver.

Halep gained momentum after her tough first round win in three sets against Annika Beck.

TED CRUZ: Rival campaigns are beginning to worry about Cruz’s momentum, writes POLITICO.