move ahead in a sentence

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Now it’s time – your time to secure the gains and move ahead,” she said.

He said they were ready to move ahead and have a new law in place by now.

I’m disappointed but I think it would be irresponsible to move ahead,” Scollon said.

He said the proposal would “allow us to move ahead more united, more decided, more resolved”.

Lanphier said Sangamo will move ahead with a strategy to maximize the number of cells that can be “biallelically” modified by SB-728-T.

5) Go for the heroic failure The extremely successful do not fear failure – or they do, but they move ahead anyway.
A Shell spokesman told the Seattle Times newspaper that the company intended to move ahead with the operation as scheduled.
Abernethy says the Sahtu and Dehcho facilities are still on the table, but planning studies need to be completed before they can move ahead.
An opposite ruling would have allowed the state to move ahead with regulations requiring abortion facilities to be constructed like surgical centers.
After voting on amendments, the Senate voted 83 to 15 to move ahead on the defense policy bill that would authorize spending for the Defense Department and related programs.
Australian-born allrounder Alex Cusack replaces paceman Max Sorensen for Ireland, which can move ahead of the West Indies and Pakistan into third position in Pool B with a win.