much bigger sentence

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Toby is able to intimidate the other children because he is so much bigger than them.

Mirrors on the walls give the room the illusion of being much bigger than it really is.

But doing something meaningful with it would be much bigger.

I find this a much bigger issue than the 1 or 2 cars parked illegally to the side of the road.

It’s a beautifully executed labor of love from a company that usually works on a much bigger canvas.

The audience will be much bigger for October’s partial solar eclipse, including North America.

There are other reasons for Starwood elite customers to be concerned about becoming fish in a much bigger pond.

Think of it as a battery backup for your computer on a much bigger scale.

Today, the main talking point is police brutality,”” but that’s merely a symptom of a much bigger illness.”

We’re playing for something much bigger.”

When items become Lightning Deals, they’re usually offered at a much bigger discount than in a standard sale.

“I do think we’re on our way to something much bigger that there’s a lot of buzz around,” Andrews said.

“It made a much bigger difference than any of us will ever know.

“It’s much bigger in the college basketball world.

“Just seeing that made it so much bigger to me,” he said.

much bigger than the moon landing or the Olympics.”

An even larger number of militants likely would have been needed to secure Mosul, a much bigger city.

Bouazizi’s breakdown was much bigger than an act of protest against the police, the president, or the regime.

But by then, the protests had become about something much bigger: constitutional reform.

But if it does, AbbVie will have succeeded where its much bigger rival Pfizer (PFE) failed.

But the “Save Darfur” campaign was much, much bigger.

But the band of tricky weather is much bigger than that.

But this issue is much bigger than that.

Currently she weighs about 20 lbs. and won’t get much bigger than a medium-sized dog.

For example, males have much bigger canines for biting.

For Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, this week’s venture to the Far East is much bigger than a basketball game.

From what I’ve read and heard, you have much bigger problems in your state.

He was able to stand up much bigger guards as they attempted to work their way to the second level.

Here’s a look at five key video game trends from this year’s show: 1. Game worlds are getting much bigger.