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The news agency said the blasts also severely damaged the buildings.

Russian news agency Interfax earlier said rebels had denied the attack.

As you see, this is totally different,” Vulin told the AFP news agency.

The Emirati state news agency WAM separately confirmed al-Ketbi’s death.

Yemen’s state news agency said the target was a Saudi national guard base.

One witness told the news agency the man had only been attempting a U-turn.

China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reports 25 deaths in neighboring Tibet.

According to security analysts, the ransom was paid, reported AFP news agency.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told state-run Anatolia news agency.

A Turkish news agency said he acted as a “scout” in selecting target locations.

According to Iran’s news agency, a verdict in the case is expected within weeks.

The official Saudi news agency SPA said 86 people had been pulled out Wednesday.

The Syrian state news agency reported that one person was killed and two wounded.

State news agency MENA separately said two police officers were among the wounded.

Reports said a cameraman from the state-run Anatolia news agency was also injured.

A police officer who was wounded later died at the hospital, the news agency said.

One of his lawyers told the ISNA news agency that an appeal would indeed be lodged.

It was a lack of vigilance from the government, a sloppiness, the news agency wrote.

The army planned to announce the cuts soon, a defense official told news agency AFP.

774428 The reactor is turned off, Zhitomirsky told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency.”

According to the AP news agency, the charges carry a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

Reuters news agency further reported that they had successfully entered the premises.

At least one gunman was reportedly killed, according to the state-run TAP news agency.

North Korea’s state news agency reports Newman was released for “humanitarian” reasons.

The Houthi-controlled Saba news agency said most of the victims were women and children.

According to the news agency AFP, a car bomb was detonated, killing at least one person.

Russian news agency Interfax confirmed the attack, saying “no one was killed or wounded.”

One police officer was slightly injured, according to the country’s state-run news agency.

Robert Semple was being held by al-Qaeda, the United Arab Emirates state news agency said.

The North’s official Korean Central news agency reported that South Korea fired 36 rounds.

The statement carried by the Bernama news agency said his dismissal was on health grounds.

Some protesters held banners blaming the government for the bombings, the news agency said.

He was 69. The news agency said he died Tuesday after battling an unspecified long illness.

The attack occurred in the Ladha area of South Waziristan, according to Xinhua news agency.

Rosi was one of the very few,” Sorrentino was quoted as saying by Italian news agency ANSA.

I am going to stand as a candidate for the FIFA presidency, he told the Reuters news agency.

Iran’s official IRNA news agency said some roads leading to Iraq had been closed to pilgriMs.
The report by the IRNA news agency quoted Gholam Hossein Esmaeili, a senior judicial official.

He made the comment in response to a question during an interview with the Central news agency.

State news agency Xinhua said the government would also unveil financial support for the sector.

Xinhua said the suspect was familiar with the victims, but the news agency did not identify him.

A Taliban commander loyal to the central leadership gave a similar account to the AP news agency.

Vadim Klyuvgant, a lawyer for Khodorkovsky, told RIA news agency Markin’s remarks were “fantasy”.

The next congress will come in May, North Korea’s official news agency KCNA reported on Thursday.

The Iranian Mehr news agency wrote: “All nuclear facilities in Iran will retain their activities.

The girl’s grandmother has requested custody of the baby, a family lawyer told the AP news agency.

The official Xinhua news agency said strong tremors were felt up to 50 kilometers (30 miles) away.

Nine people were killed and 90 wounded, Health Minister Riyadh Yassin told state news agency SABA.

Around 150 migrants on two vessels had already been saved, officials told Italy’s AGI news agency.

Such a rally is anything but healthy, DZ Bank economist Christian Kahler told the DPA news agency.

Officials said there had been no further signs of life inside the ship, Xinhua news agency reports.

Russian aircraft were escorted many times, but we avoided violations,” Olekas told AFP news agency.

Norway is hit by a serious, serious Odegaard-fever, Norwegian news agency‘s Espen Hartvig told CNN.

The arrests were made in three districts of the coastal city on Friday, reported Ihlas news agency.

The charred bodies of the four were found soon afterwards, tribal sources told the AFP news agency.

SANA, Syria’s state news agency, said the army seized at least six villages near Aleppo on Tuesday.

Boumeddiene was not in France at the time of the attacks, according to Turkey’s Anadolu news agency.

Iran summoned Nigeria’s charge d’affaires to protest, the official IRNA news agency reported Tuesday.

The militants captured heavy weaponry when they took the base, one official told the AFP news agency.

Moreover, the Ukrainian army said that 14 civilians were killed, the German news agency, DPA, reports.

The rescuers sent provisions underground to the trapped men, China’s official Xinhua news agency said.

Autumn overseas news agency reporters had seen this situation ” ridiculous.

The state Xinhua news agency was more blunt.

And what brave news agency broke the story?

The national news agency and the major publishing houses struck.

Receives crisp facsimile charts & even news agency pictures.

The news agency did not say if shots had been fired.

He was quoted by the state news agency Xinhua .

The video was sent to news agency Al Jazeera.

Thomson Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news agency .

United Press International is a great news agency .

PA is a news agency , not a newspaper.

This does not mean that Google is running a news agency .

The news agency did not say when the fighting took place.

MD” the news agency founded in December 2007.

Xinhua news agency . 28 October 2010.

ITAR-TASS news agency attributed the report to an unnamed diplomatic source.

A security source told the news agency that an assault is underway .

The Interfax news agency quoted her as saying 43 were hospitalized .

Kyodo news agency said about 300,000 people were evacuated nationwide.

Iran’s IRNA news agency dismissed the explosion reports.

Russian news agency also reported of Turkish involvement in the incident.

Paul Carr also received an honorable mention by the news agency .

The news agency knew this when they put up their site .

The main news provider is the Korean Central news agency .

Local authorities informed the AFP news agency that 70 people were hospitalized.