overseeing in a sentence

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The Red Cross is overseeing repatriation of the prisoners of war.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now responsible for overseeing cybersecurity issues in this country.

Snow has been overseeing a sprawling racial profiling case against Arpaio.

By 1998, however, Jobs is back in charge overseeing the launch of the iMac.

overseeing the surrender is U.S. Gen. Douglas McArthur (right, back to camera).

The bankruptcy court overseeing RadioShack’s case still has to approve the deal.

He was the senior officer overseeing the investigation into Frank Beck at the time.

The library had not had a permanent CIO overseeing information technology since 2012.

441516 Judge George O’Toole, who is overseeing the proceedings, overruled the request.

441515 Judge George O’Toole, who is overseeing the case, has yet to rule on the motion.

Stearns’ responsibilities included overseeing player evaluations, scouting and analytics.

The police suspects Tahir of overseeing the burning of the books in the factory’s boiler.

Meanwhile, the Hess executives overseeing the refinery loaded it with debt, the lawsuit said.

In the case of democracy, however, there is no benevolent authority overseeing the competition.

City Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte also is overseeing the revision of use-of-force rules.

Both women have business experience though not directly applicable to overseeing a conglomerate.