patriarchal in a sentence

The villain is a patriarchal baddie who cannot function without a grotesque breathing apparatus (hmmm).

Feminist theorists have expanded the definition of patriarchal society to describe a systemic bias against women.

He will also attend the Divine Liturgy at the patriarchal Cathedral on Sunday.

In fact, he’s quite patriarchal, and has a warped understanding of how equity operates.

My husband, too, grew up in a deeply patriarchal society in Ethiopia, but has not been bound by those traditions.

The real problem is a series of attitudes that have now been ingrained in the courts and in patriarchal society.

“A patriarchal society can’t really handle that there’s such a thing as a vagina,” she said.

Also has the Armenian Catholic Archbishopric and headquarters of the Armenian Catholic patriarchal Exarch.

Arab immigrants imposed the patriarchal system of family and clan rule on Madagascar.

But because we live in a Western, patriarchal world, we have very little chance of exploring these gender possibilities.”

During his exile Ludovic Zdanowicz governed the diocese as vicar patriarchal.

Eight patriarchal vicars govern the small Chaldean communities dispersed throughout Turkey and Persia.

Feminists charged that these objects, typified as patriarchal, reduced women to the status of sex objects.

For a woman, health is a commodity, making her more or less appealing to the patriarchal male gaze (e.g.

He retreats to the patriarchal Faction’s secret facility to confront Kyril in a final battle.

It is a community of the Christian faithful joined together by a patriarchal hierarchy.

Judaism is a patriarchal religion, with emphasis being placed on God as having creating Adam is his own image.

Like the Indo-Europeans, the Etruscans were patrilineal and patriarchal.

More recently, Kenneth Kitchen (“The patriarchal Age”), using what he terms “textual artifacts”, re-evaluated the story.

Reynolds et al., p.33 His father came from one of the first patriarchal lines in Puerto Rico’s politics.

The other two brothers however, set out to the patriarchal residency through snowy winter conditions.

The system was patriarchal and modeled after other guilds before its time.

Upon Ghatotkacha, Hidimba, and Bhima’s reunion, patriarchal order is restored and Hidimba’s gustatory urges disappear.

The Kowtowing ritual in front of the grave is performed in the order of patriarchal seniority within the family.