patrolling in a sentence

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The police were patrolling the street.

Police are patrolling the downtown core in an attempt to prevent rioting following the football championship.

Ever since the destruction of the planet Earth, Martians have been patrolling the galaxy, arresting any humans that begin to pollute other planets.

Police regained order in the town an hour later, patrolling with armed vehicles.

We’re aware of the situation and will be patrolling the area certainly, Moulton said.

The United States said its aerial patrolling was in accordance with international law.

Lucky for us, this was a few years before he started patrolling the grounds in a tank.

97584 Bags were not allowed into the arena and police are patrolling with sniffer dogs.

They also do quite a lot of flights for the industry as they’re patrolling that region.

RCMP Sgt. Leanne Butler says police will be patrolling different trails at random times.

Some police officers are deployed on foot patrolling the forests around the summit site.

Police said they are patrolling neighborhoods, making sure offenders do not attract children.

It said that “extra, highly-visible armed officers” will be patrolling around Wembley Stadium.

Police are patrolling the streets to make sure there is peace and security, he said by telephone.

Moore was checking on a suspicious person while patrolling a neighborhood when he was gunned down.

“It’s not like parole officers are patrolling the streets of West Harlem in uniform, like the NYPD.

In August 2012, the government sanctioned six more all-terrain vehicles for patrolling the beach.