percentage in a sentence

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The unemployment rate is forecast falling one-tenth of a percentage point to 5.6 percent.

Together these factors depressed the overall rate of inflation by 0.9 percentage points.”

The percentage of Americans who don’t subscribe to any organized religion steadily grows.

And among those that do come out ahead, most do so by only a couple of percentage points.

And the percentage of Americans working or looking for work has fallen sharply since then.

Typically, a percentage of after-tax assets is donated, rather than a fixed dollar amount.

That is a stunning 2 percentage points lower than the forecast made just three months ago.

The percentage of children ages 6 to 17 who participated in extracurricular clubs in 2011.

The percentage meeting that benchmark has largely remained the same in the last few years.

920920 We were number one in assists, we were number one in field goal percentage defense.

The report did not specify the percentage of total fires that had an “undetermined” cause.

The margin of error for the sample of 431 Republican primary voters is 6 percentage points.

The same percentage of flights were canceled at Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

It has lost a couple of percentage points and I think it has arrived at its peak,” he said.

percentages for obesity range from 35% to 50% throughout the islands, according to the WHO.

The tips are analyzed as a percentage of the overall order, and cash tips can’t be tracked.

By mid-afternoon voter turnout was seven percentage points higher than for the first round.

For the sample of 384 Democratic primary voters the margin of error is 6 percentage points.

This year the election saw a whopping increase in turnout of 0.3 percentage points at 66.1%.

Results for all adults have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

In a mere eight weeks, Clinton’s appeal to Democratic women has dropped 29 percentage points.

Some 23% of workers pay co-insurance, which is a percentage of the bill, instead of flat fee.

The decline marked the biggest percentage decline in about two weeks for the blue-chip index.

It only strikes a small percentage of women, so Young’s doctors advised her to take the risk.

They’ve snagged at least 15 photos so far, an impressive percentage of the ever-growing field.

According to the newspaper, the fight was over the percentage he was to be paid as commission.

Shelton would not release the exact percentage of members who backed his campaign in the vote.