protection in a sentence

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The more absorbent the rocks the longer the protection will last.

Abortionists emphasized speed and their own protection.

She asked the police for protection.

I am responsible for her protection.

Let’s bypass the protection circuit.

They stressed protection of the environment.

Parents provide protection for their children.

Critics are just crying wolf about protectionism.

They may properly claim the protection of the law.

The rose has thorns for protection from animals which would eat it.

We are in commission concerning the protection of children’s rights.

Nature provides other forms of protection against environmental dangers.

The child killer was being kept in solitary confinement for his own protection.

In Serbia, every Christian family has a patron saint which they pray to for protection.

The ship sailed into the harbor under the protection of an armed escort of smaller boats.

Everyone is entitled to an income, an education, health care and protection from violence.

If you are exposed to sunshine without the protection of the ozone, it may cause skin cancer.

Without protection, tigers could disappear from their natural environment in the next decade.

Concern for French-language protection and promotion is widespread in the province of Quebec.

The abortion clinic applied for police protection after staff members received death threats.

The children were wearing heavy jackets, hats and wool mittens as protection from the severe cold.

India’s tiger population has approximately doubled since the 1970s, thanks to protection measures.

Some people feel that legalizing prostitution would give people working in the sex trade greater protection.

The fish has a little sucker on its belly which allows it to cling to rocks for protection against predators.

Mark Twain once noted that there are several good protections against temptation, but the surest is cowardice.

If you go out in the sun without any protection, the odds are you will do serious damage to your skin.

offence Without effective long-term protection, tigers could disappear from their natural habitat within the next decade.

In my opinion, any food that has been genetically modified should be labelled as such for the protection of the consumer.

If there is an earthquake, it is a good idea to stand in a door frame because it is quite solid and offers some protection.

A new report suggests that a vaccine that offers at least partial protection against HIV could be available within a decade.

The Republican candidate has opposed all measures to toughen environmental protection laws in our state for the last 2 years.

Only about 30 percent of teenage males consistently apply sun protection lotion outdoors, compared to 46 percent of female teens.

Ralph Nader has been an important and influential militant in the fight for consumer protection in the U.S. for many years.