rallying in a sentence

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Nonsmokers are rallying behind the new antismoking law.

During the Second World War, Prime Minister Winston Churchill was successful in rallying the British people and leading them from the brink of defeat to victory over the Germans.

Youth activist Craig Kielburger once remarked that many important issues locally, nationally, and internationally, having to do with social justice and the environment, can and should be a rallying point for youth.

If oil prices keep rallying, look for Transocean to follow it higher.

Much like in Game 4, it was Chicago rallying to give itself a chance.

Alas Obama has not been up to rallying the world behind his call to action.

They’re also asking people rallying to “throw glitter, not stones” at the hotel.

He says, “I’m not betting on the Republican party rallying behind this agreement.”

Mangum’s shaky start didn’t stop him from throwing for 315 yards in rallying his team.

Bloom continued, These types of things end up becoming almost a rallying cry in a way.”

Taksim is a traditional rallying ground for demonstrators and saw weeks of unrest in 2013.

Perry scored two goals in the third period, rallying the Ducks to a 4-2 win over the Jets.

His name became a rallying cry, and added fuel to the national Black Lives Matter movement.

Demonstrators rallying against Nkurunziza’s candidacy were met with deadly force by police.

483589 Michigan State lost its first five Big Ten games before rallying late in the season.

But unlike the voters, his colleagues aren’t exactly rallying around the disgraced lawmaker.

Wu was detained on May 20 when rallying public support for a separate case in southern China.

507894 Next thing you know, a sound bite has turned into the rallying cry of a stampeding herd.

554594 Peaceful protesters have taken to the streets with the rallying cry Black lives matter!”””

Now, more than ever, we are rallying to put power-and our food system-into the hands of the people.”