ramp up ile ilgili cümleler

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Which foods help you satiate hunger, and which ones <b>ramp up</b> your appetite?<br><br>
If they are able to reach a deal, Iran intends to quickly <b>ramp up</b> oil exports.<br><br>
It just makes it far more difficult in the latter years to <b>ramp up</b> rates quickly.<br><br>
Many countries want a mechanism to periodically review, and <b>ramp up</b>, the pledges.<br><br>
What will start off as showers will <b>ramp up</b> to steady rain through the afternoon.<br><br>
That influx is pushing the associations to <b>ramp up</b> the services that they can deliver.<br><br>
“We will <b>ramp up</b> our engineering investments at our Bengaluru and Hyderabad facilities.<br><br>
Al-Qaida appears to have taken advantage of a security vacuum in Aden to <b>ramp up</b> its presence.<br><br>
U.S. cities <b>ramp up</b> security following Paris attacks Which states will welcome Syrian refugees?<br><br>
It might even <b>ramp up</b> enrichment of uranium that could eventually be used for a nuclear weapon.<br><br>
746834 The meetings come as independent efforts for statewide protections for LGBT Hoosiers <b>ramp up</b>.<br><br>
We are certainly prepared to <b>ramp up</b> even further our inspections, if we feel it necessary, Boyd said.<br><br>