recruiter in a sentence

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The alleged recruiter, Maria Cristina Sergio, denies any wrongdoing.

An ISIS recruiter was arrested in Bangladesh last May with training materials.

Give the amateur hour commandos a beer, send them home, and arm our recruiters.

Since time is precious for most startups, executive recruiters can be appealing.

I think recruiters who use those old-fashioned methods aren’t going to survive long.

Spain has arrested dozens of suspected jihadi militants and recruiters in recent years.

He said he and his fellow recruiters went outside after hearing “yelling and screaming.”

She denied knowing that the recruiter had sewn the heroin into the lining of her suitcase.

Maj. Ben Sakrisson says local recruiters in Chattanooga have “no memory of interacting with him.”

She laughed Tuesday, the day before Veterans Day, as she recalled being turned away by a recruiter.

A Navy veteran was chatting with a National Guard recruiter when they heard a single gunshot ring out.

Most recruiters are Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans well trained in dealing with shooters, he added.

Some governors are increasing security measures for National Guard recruiters and military facilities.