region in a sentence

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The region is abundant with mineral reserves.

The region enclosed by the abdomen is termed the abdominal cavity .

Oak trees predominate in this region.

Adult insects have three body regions.

They fly south from the arctic region.

A string of disasters struck the region.

India has a cuisine rich in regional flavour.

He explored the region around the South Pole.

In the Southern region, sales were up percent.

The two regions differ in religion and culture.

Each time he escaped, he returned to this region.

Previously, floods were fate for the region.

The price of gas in this country varies regionally.

This year the region has been hit by a severe drought.

Monkeys and baboons thrive in the rural regions of Uganda.

The region is dotted with dozens of lovely little villages.

There are six important oil producing regions in the world.

They set up a Catholic mission in a remote region of Brazil.

Quebec is the world’s principal maple syrup producing region.

Mosquitoes have been found in the coldest regions of Siberia.

Drought and famine in the region have cost thousands of lives.

A polar air mass brought cold weather to the region yesterday.

Herodotus once observed that in soft regions are born soft men.

Greater Toronto is the most densely populated region in Canada.

The frontier has been closed due to rebel activity in the region.

The Alps dominate Austria’s western, southern and central regions.

Very little vegetation grows in drought-prone regions such as this.

Lack of education is still the main cause of poverty in the region.

Nigeria has sent a force of 500 peace-keeping troops into the region.

In some regions of this country, winter lasts more than half the year.

Without proper sex education, the region is ripe for an AIDS epidemic.

The population of the Yukon soared after gold was found in the region.

There is now a noticeable hole in the ozone over the Antarctic region.

Refugees from the war torn region have been pouring across the border.

Hundreds of refugees are fleeing the escalating violence in the region.

Tensions in the region are high following this latest terrorist attack.

We visited the ruins of a Roman theater during our visit to the region.

Summertime temperatures in this region range between 20 and 30 degrees.

Bangladesh is the most densely populated non-island region in the world.

Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia in Spain.

The rebels are hiding out in a remote mountainous region of the country.

Find someone who has visited a different region of this country.

The vast territory of Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region within China.

The people in that region have an accent which is very distinct from ours.

The massacre in the village could precipitate an all-out war in the region.

Russia has sent money and machinery as aid to the region hit by the storMs.
Fighting in the region has not stopped, despite ongoing peace negotiations.

The resumption of peace talks has brought great hope to the war-torn region.

Drought conditions in this region have created a fire hazard in our forests.

Signs of pollution are now found even in the remotest regions of our planet.

A constellation represents not just a group of stars, but a region of space.

Many trees have died in the severe cold that has hit our region this winter.

The article gave a note of caution to anyone planning on going to the region.

The city is drafting a plan to expand the network of bike lanes in the region.

The weather is more changeable in mountain regions than in any other district.

The former guerrillas have been transformed into a police force in the region.

The scenic Cotswold region of England is dotted with charming little villages.

The end of the war has brought a new era of peace and prosperity to the region.

His company was singled out as the most successful small business in the region.

The President outlined a new plan to resolve the crisis in the Gulf region today.

Disease is killing people daily due to the scarcity of clean water in the region.

There are very limited regional differences in pronunciation in Canadian English.

A single herd of hungry elephants can strip an entire region of grass and leaves.

The President has launched a new initiative to bring peace to the war-torn region.

Many economic problems in the region stem from the depletion of natural resources.

The peace process has broken down in the region because of the recent hostilities.

The most likely sources of energy in hot and dry regions are the wind and the sun.

Political uncertainty in Quebec has caused house prices to plunge in some regions.

Several species of animals have vanished from the region as the forest is cut down.

In Bolivia, one can often tell a woman’s region of origin by the clothes she wears.

Tibet is the highest region in the world, with an average altitude of 4,875 meters.

The nation of Tibet is one of the harshest, and most stunning regions in the world.

Tensions appear to have simmered down somewhat in the region over the past few days.

She sustained serious injuries to the pelvic region as a result of the car accident.

The most populous regions of Canada are located fairly close to the American border.

Food-aid shipments to the region are needed immediately to prevent a serious famine.

The government needs to devise a policy for attracting new businesses to the region.

The situation in the region is volatile, and the military has been put on full alert.

The accident at the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl caused terrible damage to the region.

The Christian religion began as one of many Eastern cults in the Mediterranean region.

The federal government has pledged to increase its foreign aid to the war-torn region.

They visited previously unexplored regions of the Amazon to look for medicinal plants.

The region has yet to be exploited for its newly discovered gold and silver resources.

The names of constellation offer astronomers a handy way to refer to regions of the sky.

The different regions of the globe are now more closely linked than they have ever been.

The ultraviolet region of the spectrum was discovered by German physicist Johann Ritter.

The people of the region have been involved in a long struggle for freedom and democracy.

Although Togo is one of West Africa’s smallest countries, it has become a regional leader.

He promised to bring new industries to the region, but politicians rarely keep their word.

We went on a wonderful tour of the wine-producing regions of British Columbia last summer.

The Israeli Defense Minister has announced a partial withdrawal of troops from the region.

The United Nations is sending in peace-keeping troops to stop the slaughter in the region.

Italy has a predominant role in the U.N. peacekeeping force in the region.

Analysts predict the company will provide over 100 full-time, permanent jobs in the region.

Find someone who has lived in a country which has been governed by a military regime.

Fighting in the region has intensified, and international observers are expecting the worse.

The police force in our municipality was recently incorporated into a larger regional force.

The financial crisis in Asia is over, and the economies of the region are improving rapidly.

The countries in the region have entered into a pact to negotiate an end to the hostilities.

Bolivia’s radically different regions were once home to an amazing variety of Indian groups.

Prices of locally-produced goods are a good indicator of the health of the region‘s economy.

The economic union of the European countries has resulted in greater prosperity for the region.

Many of these rituals were practiced by the people long before Christianity came to the region.

The Red Cross has chartered a number of planes to carry food and medical supplies to the region.

Infrastructure improvements will enhance safety for both cyclists and pedestrians in the region.

In the tourist areas of Spain, incomes are on average 20% higher than in the industrial regions.

Tensions in the region have been simmering for months, and now it looks as if war may break out.

The state of New Mexico has 2,450 nuclear weapons, the highest number of any region in the world.

Natural landscapes are greatly influenced by both the rock structure of a region and its climate.

Nuclear rivals India and Pakistan are holding talks to bring an end to hostilities in the region.

The time of harvest is traditionally a time of celebration in farming regions all over the world.

The treaty signed by the native people of the region guarantees them fishing rights in the river.

Nigeria is an important contributor to the U.N. peacekeeping force in the region.

The people of that region had only a primitive writing system, and passed on their history orally.

There is now a widespread fear that the regional conflict will explode into a full-scale civil war.

Our organization is planting native trees in order to protect the remaining forests of this region.

The President helped to craft the agreement which has finally brought peace to the war-torn region.

The Queen’s visit has been postponed indefinitely, due to the outbreak of hostilities in the region.

It will take a long time for the people of Kosovo to recover from the recent conflict in the region.

The President is sponsoring a diplomatic initiative aimed at restoring peace to the war-torn region.

The government believes that reducing regulations will facilitate economic development in the region.

The United States has sent troops into Yugoslavia in order to bring stability to the troubled region.

According to aid workers in the region, more food is required immediately to prevent mass starvation.

Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of a huge earthquake which hit the region 2 days ago.

Tensions in the region have escalated in the past few months, and the army has been put on full alert.

In 2002, significant areas of ice shelves in Antarctica disintegrated in response to regional warming.

Recent reports from the region suggest that the government is losing the battle against the guerrillas.

The Alzani valley of Georgia is recognized as the former Soviet republic’s premier wine-growing region.

Peace-keeping forces from the allied countries of the region hope to restore order in the coming weeks.

The spiral arms of galaxies are regions of higher gas density, richly populated by bright, young stars.

Cambodia’s economy slowed dramatically in 1997-98 due to the regional economic crisis, and civil disorder.

Increased patrols by police and the military have failed to curb attacks on American troops in the region.

The arrival of the American contingent in the war-torn region was greeted with celebrations in the streets.

The United Nations peace-keeping force in the region is composed of troops from over 15 different countries.

Although we cannot count every star in our galaxy, we can take a survey in the region of space near our sun.

What happens in Afghanistan in the next few years could transform the balance of power in the entire region.

A recent media release has confirmed the President’s plans to visit the region hit hardest by the hurricane.

We are keen to see a general reduction in arms sales because of the volatile situation in the region.

The government has ordered a review of its aid package to the region, in response to the human rights abuses.

The dynamically expanding high-tech industry has been fuelling the economy of this region for the past decade.

Some people believe that the war in Iraq has only succeeding in helping to breed more terrorism in the region.

Our organization is working to implement victim assistance and rehabilitation programs in the war-torn region.

Things are calm in the region this morning, after a night of fighting between guerrillas and government forces.

Commercial fishing is no longer feasible in certain regions now because fish stocks have been severely depleted.

The President will be meeting with a wide spectrum of political leaders during his visit to the war-torn region.

Local governments are hoping a reduction in municipal taxes will help to spur economic development in the region.

Following the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia has been keen to maintain an influence in the Caucasus region.

An American relief agency is organizing a mercy flight to bring food and medical supplies to the war torn region.

The world’s driest inhabited region is Aswan, Egypt, which averages only .

5 millimeters of rain per year.

The President spent the morning reading the most recent intelligence briefs regarding the situation in the region.

These talks between North Korea and South Korea are very significant for ensuring a peaceful future in the region.

The U.S. has been making lots of money selling arms to the different factions at war in the region.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah viewed a divided India as the only solution to economic and religious inequality in the region.

The former Yugoslavia is having a lot of problems with conflicts between the different ethnic groups in the region.

Much of the soil in the southern region of Belarus has been contaminated by the 1986 nuclear accident at Chernobyl.

Recent events in the region have compelled the U.N. to send in more troops to enforce the ceasefire.

There is no magic formula for finding peace in the region.

It is going to take long, difficult negotiations.

Despite the efforts of the U.N. peacekeepers in the region, the situation is getting steadily worse.

He lives in an isolated region of the state, and he doesn’t really care about the social problems of the big cities.

Until the corrupt regimes of the region are toppled and totally destroyed, the African continent will not know peace.

Unless we can stop these extraterrestrials in time, the future of our region of the universe may be in serious danger.

The U.N. sponsored peace initiative seems to be getting results in reducing hostilities in the region.

In 1681, the King of England signed a charter giving the region of Pennsylvania to William Penn as payment for a debt.

Discussion question: Have you ever lived in or visited a different region of this country? Talk about your experience.

The President stately clearly that the country would not swerve from its objective of bringing democracy to the region.

The success of the exploration for oil in Maritime Canada has brought new hopes for economic development in the region.

The President has declared the earthquake a national catastrophe, and is sending immediate financial aid to the region.

Industrialization of the world has resulted in the enrichment, impoverishment and destabilization of differing regions.

The government of Panama is planning new regional trade agreements in order to stimulate economic growth in the country.

The many ferries along the Congo River are a vital link in this region where roads are few and are frequently impassable.

In regions where rainfall is scarce, and food is difficult to grow, the people of Tanzania have turned to raising cattle.

The Middle Eastern nation of Qatar has been described as a rock of stability and moderation in a region torn by conflict.

In musical terms, Italy remained the most influential region of Europe from the mid-sixteenth to mid-eighteenth centuries.

News correspondents in the region have been summoned to the Royal Palace to hear the King’s reaction to the military coup.

International investigators have been sent into the region to check on the reports of massacres of the civilian population.

Numerous warlords and factions in Somalia are still fighting for control of Mogadishu and the other southern regions.

A large proportion of the bears in that region will have to be relocated to another area due to the building going on there.

The Italian government has committed itself to enlarging their peace-keeping force in the war-torn region by over 200 troops.

A chief scientist at the research institute says that average temperatures in the region this year are the highest on record.

Scientists are concerned that elevated ocean temperatures along the Pacific coast may affect the return of salmon to the region.

The recent murder of a family on a picnic is threatening to turn the simmering anger in the region into a more serious conflict.

Thailand’s population consists largely of ethnic Thai and Lao, the latter found mainly in the northeastern region of the country.

Eighteen centuries before Christ, Hammurabi wrote the first code of law in the history of mankind in the region now known as Iraq.

For most of its history, Trinidad and Tobago have been spared the racial violence that other countries in the region have suffered.

The Foreign Minister has canceled his trip to the region to protest the government’s decision to end peace talks with its neighbors.

Authorities insist that warnings of possible terrorist bombings targeting aid workers in the region are based on credible information.

A panel of experts from the labor and business world are working together to improve working conditions and productivity in the region.

The guerrillas’ tactic has been to make quick, sudden attacks on government installations, and then disappear from the region entirely.

We all need to understand and respect the diverse cultures which operate at local, regional, and global levels if mankind is to survive.

Despite the region‘s problems, foreign businesses are attracted to Estonia, which has a cheap, skilled labor force and convenient ports.

Between the 12th and 18th centuries, the area now known as Bangladesh was one of the most prosperous regions in the Indian subcontinent.

Hopes for peace in the war-torn region are largely unrealistic and illusory, as the root causes for the conflict have not been addressed.

According to the conditions of the treaty, the government must consult the native people of the region regarding all resource extraction.

Britain does not have a single, national police force, but instead has different independent police forces corresponding to regional areas.

Due to the dust clouds present in our region of the universe, photographs taken from earth can explore only about 10 percent of our galaxy.

The revival of peace talks has brought new hope for a settlement in the conflict, which has been going on in the region for over 8 months now.

Scientists did not have enough data to present a clear picture of the regional characteristics of the ocean floor until about fifty years ago.

Significant changes in the environment of South Asia may have affected cultural development in that region in ways that are not yet understood.

The U.S. has increased its sphere of influence in the region through its program of financial assistance to the war-torn areas.

Although the official language of India is Hindi, there are 14 regional languages that are officially recognized for conducting national affairs.