reinvent in a sentence

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“I believe someone at some point really needs to reinvent the sitcom.

The company wants to reinvent secondary storage and take on dark data.

847392 This is the stuff of public-service reinvention, not efficiency.

After all, it is a less messy reinvention of the age-old Heinz favorite.

The traditional watch industry isn’t in trouble, or in need of reinvention.

More from Paul Waldman Bernie Sanders has a plan to reinvent the post office.

But Jordan argues that the in-flight catalog can be reinvented for the Internet age.

In every phase of our lives, from the 1960s to our 60s, we have reinvented ourselves.

However, actually, if you think about it, it wasn’t truly reinvention, but alignment.

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they can help out with each other’s probleMs.
This past year, she took a leap of faith and reinvented herself as a legal commentator.

463972 Located in a former coal-mining region, it’s reinvented itself as a green city.”””

But a man of his age makes himself look silly, he argued, if he tries to reinvent himself.

Now, though, the community is courting foreign health workers and seeking to reinvent itself.

In February of 2015, he released The reinvented Leader: Five Critical Steps to Becoming Your Best.

The duo thus reinvented the Stone Age .