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Tsar Nicholas II reportedly considered putting up an electric fence around Russia.

Composer Gioacchino Rossini reportedly could only find inspiration by getting totally drunk.

A number of deportees have reportedly been executed since returning to their war-torn homeland.

She has been arrested for conspiring to kill her husband, after reportedly hiring a hit man to shoot him.

More than 50 people have reportedly been killed in clashes between Palestinians and Israelis in the past few months.

The young student who shot three teachers at his high school was reportedly fascinated by guns and violent video games.

The air is so polluted in Cubato, Brazil that no birds or insects remain, most trees are dead, and its mayor reportedly refuses to live there.

The air is reportedly so polluted in Cubato, Brazil that no birds or insects remain, most trees are dead, and its mayor refuses to live there.

Saudi Arabia reportedly has the highest per capita perfume use in the world, at more than a liter of fragrance a year for every man, woman, and child.

Badawi’s father reportedly went on TV to denounce his son’s website.

The woman reportedly destroyed the money while in a retirement home.

A J. Crew spokesperson also reportedly declined to comment to Gawker.

Troops reportedly urged police not to fire live rounds on protesters.

He became a Canadian citizen and reportedly now lives in a care home.

Charb was reportedly among those killed at the publication’s offices.

The incident reportedly involved a Beech Grove Middle School student.

The attacks reportedly killed at least 10 militants and harmed others.

620879 She was kidnapped and later found dead, reportedly decapitated.

Other bullets reportedly struck local businesses and nearby buildings.

293996 He was reportedly hit by a Dodge Caravan as he left the mosque.

The deal is reportedly worth $2.5 million plus incentives and bonuses.

Page reportedly “accepted the overall proposal and shook on the deal.”

Sevilla are reportedly paying a three-million-loan fee for the striker.

Team Clinton had reportedly set a goal of raising $100 million in 2015.

It follows a day reportedly without any deaths in the Ukraine conflict.

Mercenaries from Georgia and Ukraine are also reportedly on the ground.

Dear reportedly told authorities “no more baby parts” after his arrest.

The man reportedly stopped his vehicle to confront the woman in the Kia.

He also reportedly has been dealing with a decline in his mental health.

The one-year contract reportedly is for $1.4 million and not guaranteed.

When the student refuses, the officers reportedly tackle and arrest him.

BLM says one structure has reportedly been lost and more are threatened.

An American and a Briton were reportedly among those hurt in the attack.

Babcock was reportedly in Buffalo on Tuesday for a second round of talks.

The pilot, the only other person on board, was reportedly also uninjured.

Police say this man reportedly traded a fake cheque in exchange for cash.

Slager pulled over Scott on April 4, reportedly for a broken brake light.

Two men, ages 39 and 61, were reportedly arrested for Anneli’s kidnapping.

Russia has reportedly scrapped its visa-free regime for Turkish nationals.

It’s made by Nathan Ziegler, reportedly a school principal from Minnesota.

Edmonson says the shooting reportedly took place near a convenience store.

One official reportedly said McCarthy and Bond each have criminal records.

The talented senior is reportedly being pursued by Florida A&M University.

The cable company reportedly autodialed her 153 times in less than a year.

Another 12 High Court judges are reportedly also implicated in the scandal.

The Dave Grohl-led power-rock band is reportedly Letterman’s favorite band.

Van Praag, 67, reportedly is a supporter of a two-term limit for the office.

He reportedly told women he was a doctor, but police could not confirm that.

He reportedly faces up to 20 years, but his sentence has not been specified.

294000 He was reportedly reading Dante’s The Divine Comedy before the crime.

But refugees, including Arabs, reportedly cheered news of Kurdish victories.

In 2001, he managed to break free while reportedly hiding in a laundry cart.

The 49-year-old reportedly declined to explain exactly who the boogeyman was.

He reportedly fled the scene, but surrendered to the police the following day.

The sheep is reportedly being checked by vets and will be put up for adoption.

293997 He was reportedly hurt breaking the glass to activate the train’s alarm.

In February, Gilbert reportedly bragged about being in such good shape to cops.

The Aerosmith frontman’s daughter Liv is reportedly expecting her second child.

The entire project, from conception to completion, reportedly took three years.

It’s unclear whether he’s hired an attorney, and he reportedly remains in jail.

Kaul reportedly told dealers he acquired the pieces using an employee discount.

Government forces withdrew Wednesday after reportedly evacuating most civilians.

The rumored device will reportedly be made by the Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta.

Visitors will reportedly be able to reach up to 15 miles per hour as they slide.

The member’s wife is reportedly a police officer in a neighbouring jurisdiction.

The ordeal reportedly left her traumatised and she had to seek medical attention.

Bell was reportedly highly intoxicated and said he knew nothing about the pistol.

Sayre was a mother of two, and she also reportedly struggled with drug addiction.

Carol Choksy In 2005, Assad reportedly received $9.8 billion in debt forgiveness.

He also reportedly met with a transgender man from Spain in January of this year.

The potential for compromise over this issue is reportedly a final key to a deal.