resolute resolutely in a sentence

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The voters perceive him as a decisive and resolute international leader who has no problem making fair decisions.

resort I’d like the government to respond resolutely so as to not end up looking timid.

He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his offbalance opponent.

I was vexed at his irresolute attitude.

China is resolutely opposed to it, he told reporters.”

resolutely enforce and improve legislation on transfer pricing.

A spokesperson for NATO’s resolute Support mission in Afghanistan did not immediately confirm or deny the report.

At the time of the crash the Canadian military was holding Operation Nanook in resolute Bay.

But Johnson remained resolute: “I am not encouraging in any way shape or form illegal migration.

But resolute‘s lawyer refused, because, he said, Irving had wrongly accused resolute of receiving additional subsidies.

China is resolutely opposed to this, Wang said, without elaborating.

In fact, if anything we can expect him to stand firm and resolute on moving forward with his signature law.

Merkel said “we need to resolutely pursue every sign of anti-Semitism.”

Opposition leader Keith Rowley said Mr Robinson was “resolute in his role as leader”.

Our country as such confirms its resolute commitment to fight against the terrorist threat constituted by ISIS.

resolute is proud to be ranked by Corporate Knights as one of Canada’s Best 50 Corporate Citizens for 2014.

resolutely smash the evil plots of the enemy.

She was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2009 and is regarded as a resolutely liberal member of the court.

Some things have held firm along the way, not least a resolute belief that the globe is made for trotting.

The Catalyst and Irving rates are an average of the higher Port Hawkesbury rate and the lower resolute rate.

The complaint was expanded to include Irving Pulp & Paper in New Brunswick and resolute Forest Products in Quebec.

The locations of the main hubs are to be Iqaluit, Yellowknife, resolute Bay and Inuvik, he wrote.

The new president struck a resolute note in dealing with armed groups in the East.

The sail-by raises tensions between the two sides, with China promising to “resolutely respond” to provocation.

The voter information card instructs voters in Arctic Bay, Nunavut to vote in advance polls in resolute Bay.

This is our resolute decision, Murdoch said.