resolved in a sentence

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A conflict can be resolved, if you sit for a minute and breathe.

A lot of times when we come out of the military we already have a lot of PTSD, a lot of unresolved issues.

But the Crimean issue is not likely to be resolved soon.

But there are several key issues that still must be resolved.

It could be years before the eviction cases are resolved.

I resolved to do what I could to fight it — through my words, our pictures and our huge and powerful platform.

It’s an unpleasant story that Kosslick would like to see resolved.

It will remain pending until the criminal case is resolved.

It was over nothing and it would have been resolved.”

Records show the center resolved the issue on Sept. 3, 2013, about 12 days after the Aug. 22, 2013 inspection.

She set Oct. 20 as a hearing date for numerous unresolved legal issues in the case.

The dispute was only just resolved last month.

“The MND requested his release on October 21, 2015 and the process is expected to be resolved this week.”

The present grave political crisis in Ukraine can be resolved in the legislature, Lutsenko believes.

There are some unresolved issues in Broken Promise.

The settlement resolved at least eight lawsuits filed in Connecticut courts by relatives of Sandy Hook victims.

The situation will have to be resolved quickly, as Gambit”” is slated for release on Oct. 7, 2016.”

They lost 8 percent of the cases and the remaining 40 percent are unresolved.

They have unresolved grief, he said.”

To leave the question unresolved nationwide would simply inflict unnecessary harm,”” PFLAG attorneys argued.”

With Laura Ziskin, the late cofounder of Stand Up to Cancer, they resolved to see the book turned into a film.

?anina heard their murmurs and resolved to silence them.

“Any law enforcement related contact, the camera turns on until that law enforcement contact is resolved.”

“As soon as all these issues are resolved, they will enter the emerging-market index,” Lieblich told me.

“Do you have a timeline when you tell us this is going to be resolved?”

“I know they are doing the best to get my parents released and get this resolved.”

“If authorities say kill the cows,” he said, “then I resolved to do the opposite by saving them.”

“If the rest of B.C. students were facing the same situation, this would be resolved immediately,” said Li.

“Unless that is resolved quickly, you could see another recession,” he says.

A ceasefire and framework for a peace agreement were resolved in September but were not observed.

A Falcons statement says the team is aware of White’s arrest, adding, “we anticipate this will be resolved shortly.”

A list of outages (without a map) is running on their site until the software issues are resolved.

A now-resolved labor dispute at normally busy West Coast ports also slammed growth, the government said.

A number of questions remain unresolved about the case.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said the disturbance was confined to one wing and was quickly resolved.

Abbott had said Sunday that some issues remained to be resolved with Tokyo on trade.

Accordingly, he resolved to establish his authority.

Afterward, Hamilton seemed confident the problem would be resolved before yesterday’s qualifying.

Alan is resolved that he will not endure another year imprisoned in Cuba, and I am afraid that we are at the end.

Alan Sullivan, attorney for Park City Mountain Resort, said the case can be resolved.

All disputes and outstanding issues have been resolved,” Samini said in a written statement.

All of these issues haven’t been resolved going forward, said Hatch.

All other aspects of his contract will remain unchanged while matters are resolved.

Allen led a small group who resolved to remain Methodists.

Almost all of these disputes are resolved through mediation or other peaceful means, McCue said.

Also, Hayley gradually realizes she has her own unresolved issues from the fires and uses horse therapy on herself.

Amazon and Hachette have been engaged in a lengthy public standoff over ebook terms that remains unresolved.

And even then, it’s not clear if the issue will be resolved.

And some Democrats would prefer to use the unresolved issue to mobilize Hispanic voters for this year’s elections.

And then there is the unresolved issue of compensation.

Andy Patrick, president of the old council, said the dispute is far from being resolved, as far as he’s concerned.

As of 2:30PM, Google assured that these problems had been resolved, although no cause for the outage had been provided.

As of November 2006 the dispute remains unresolved.

As religious leaders charged with shepherding the faithful, we are resolved to address this tragedy together.

As those issues resolved in the late summer and fall, the CDC and others could move in and do their jobs.

Because of the backlog it can take several years for an immigration cases to be resolved.

Berlin says compensation was long since “resolved.”

Bieber’s rep said in a statement that “Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him.”

Billions more are being held in reserve until lawsuits by victims seeking larger payouts are resolved.

Both cases were resolved with fines and/or probation.

Both of those cases “resolved spontaneously,” Foucault said.

Both of those issues have been resolved,” he said.

Both White and Thomas both said this week that they felt the matter was resolved.

Broader issues remain unresolved, much as they have since Obama first called on Aug. 18, 2011, for Assad to resign.

But both of those matters have now been resolved, they said.

But he said all issues relating to a Russian aid convoy for Ukraine had been resolved.

But in Saxe’s version, the conflict is never resolved.

But key disputes remain unresolved and the government has not begun working.

But none of these problems have been resolved and the drivers of them are not going away.

But she is resolved to continue punishing her.

But some analysts are hopeful that the problems can be resolved before they impact the migration process.

But Stroud died in 1963 before the lawsuit was resolved.

But there are still several unresolved questions — such as, where will the Yazidis be flown to?

But there’s one unresolved issue to address.

But this case won’t be resolved quite so easily.

But this week, investors had two worries resolved, analysts say.

But, simple solution or not, the name issue is still unresolved.

Campbell says everyone wants the issue resolved.

China promised their cases would be resolved quickly.

Citigroup said it is pleased to have resolved the issue.

Consequently the question was uncompromisingly resolved.

Consumers who have unresolved discrepancies over their incomes will get notices at a later date.

Could it be that we know the crisis hasn’t been resolved, but prefer not to think about the fact?

Crawford says the dispute remains unresolved and the lobby group intends to take the matter to a higher court.

Crime and corruption are sure to be top of the list of issues that must be resolved before it can join.

Disputes should be resolved inside the church.

Drugs Juan Pablo Escobar: ‘My father was no hero’ “The drug problem is not going to be resolved with machine guns.

Dunford laid out his best-case scenario under the current plan: -The Afghan presidential election is resolved.

Earnest cautioned that the migrant crisis will only be resolved when there is political stability inside Syria.

Even if the question of how much water is available is resolved, keeping track of what’s left is another challenge.

Even when the Bromley result is resolved the councillors’ team will not be complete.

Exel officials said they will continue to pay the employees until the situation is resolved.

Expect the biggest fights in Paris to be around this issue, which may very well be the last one to get resolved.

Expert Joerg Forbrig tells DW that Kyiv now faces an unresolved, frozen conflict in its eastern region.

Fabius said that, while negotiations on the accord had begun, “none of the main issues” have so far been resolved.

Federal Liberals have resolved to study it in a federal pilot project, and P.E.I.’s new premier has offered to host one.

Firmly resolved in his purpose, Diomedes answered.

Fuller said issue should be resolved within family.

Governors Ball management explained in a statement that the stage had a power problem that was quickly resolved.

He added that the “legal uncertainty” around information sharing needs to be resolved.