retrocession in a sentence

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1 However, the Virginia legislature did not immediately accept the retrocession offer.

2 Chen Yi proclaimed 25 October to be Retrocession Day.

3 A referendum on retrocession was held on September 1–2, 1846.

4 The great complaint against the harbour is the steady retrocession of the sea.

5 This is known as ” retrocession .

6 On the next day, Chen Yi proclaimed Taiwan Retrocession Day.

7 Retrocession Day (October 25), marked the beginning of the military occupation of Taiwan.

8 Virginia legislators were concerned that the people of Alexandria County had not been properly included in the retrocession proceedings.

9 From 1840 to 1846, Alexandrians petitioned Congress and the Virginia legislature to approve this transfer known as retrocession .

The issue is not resolved by a unilateral declaration of retrocession.