rhythmic in a sentence

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Tai chi is a series of movements done in a rhythmic pattern.

The baby was soothed by the quiet rhythmic sound of his mother’s heartbeat.

French secular music of the fourteenth century is remarkable for its rhythmic flexibility.

The paintings of Vassily Kandinsky are characterized by rhythmic lines, colors, and shapes, rather than any sense of narrative.

rhythmic gymnastics is like fighting with myself because it’s competition.

Joining a drum circle, she became caught up in an intense rhythmic response.

Soon enough, you’ll be inspired to incorporate bits of rhythmic rhyme into your work.

Stride piano’s rhythmic and improvisational style is evident in the ” agitato e misterioso” section, which begins four bars after rehearsal 33, as well as in other sections, many of which include the orchestra.

As the improvisation begins to move towards a close, the group leader calms her playing, pacing with the Agogo and Two-tone Wood Block Guiro, who have already started to play together and create a single rhythmic ground that moves into the coda.

There are moments of communion between the speeds and patterns of the various drums, the Agogo and the Doumbek, and a possible sharing of rhythmic patterns by all members of the improvisation.

There are a number of strong rhythmic pulses evident, heard more loudly in the Agogo , at a softer level of loudness on the Two-tone Wood Block Guiro, as well as on the Doumbek, which is held with an open base that offers a deep and strong tone to its rhythmic ground.