rollercoaster in a sentence

The rollercoaster plunged downwards at a dizzying speed.

The children were laughing and shouting with excitement as they got off the rollercoaster.

They sued the amusement park where their daughter got a severe case of whiplash while riding on the rollercoaster.

There were lots of amusements for the children at the fair, including a little ferris wheel and a rollercoaster.

There are people who can’t stop riding that rollercoaster of desire and doom.

“I think about the seniors and the rollercoaster ride they have gone through.

Successful ads in the viral era can send us an on an emotional rollercoaster.

When foam rolling before training, I become a rollercoaster ride for Isabella.

But let’s be honest – it’s the rollercoaster chair that’s got everyone talking.

The former West Ham boss was holding his own in a rollercoaster Premier League.

A rollercoaster based on F-Zero, or a haunted house inspired by Luigi’s Mansion?

“The biggest mistake you can make with VR and someone new to VR is throw them on a rollercoaster..

Rough Trade Independent British retailer Rough Trade has typified the medium’s rollercoaster fortunes.