Saturday evening in a sentence

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We have dances on Saturday evening.

We used to go to the movies on Saturday evening.

Searches for the book title did not provide any results Saturday evening.

The Monroeville Mall went on lockdown Saturday evening after the shooting.

Parishioners pray at a Saturday evening Spanish Mass at Our Lady of Fatima.

Republicans were dismissive of the tax initiatives unveiled Saturday evening.

McCain wasted no time responding directly to the President on Saturday evening.

Fluty was arrested Saturday evening at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

684604 The awards were presented at an awards banquet in Charleston, Saturday evening.

The explosion at the plant, located in Dongfu, Shandong Province, occurred Saturday evening.

The official introduction and opening event takes place on Saturday evening at the Movenpick.

The demonstrations had calmed by Saturday evening, but further protests are expected on Sunday.

Roberts took an alternate flight on Southwest Airlines and arrived in San Francisco Saturday evening.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated a Saturday evening pledge to hunt down the killers.