saw her in a sentence

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I saw her swim.

I saw her again.

We saw her dance.

I saw her last week.

I saw her a week ago.

I saw her at the party.

I saw her play the piano.

I saw her clean the room.

I saw her enter the room.

We saw her enter the room.

We saw her enter the park.

I saw her only a week ago.

I saw her leaving the room.

It was here that I saw her.

I saw her a week ago today.

He saw her and blushed.

I saw her for the last time.

I saw her coming up the road.

I saw her crossing the street.

I am sure I saw her two years ago.

It happened that he saw her there.

I saw her coming across the street.

It is ten years since I saw her last.

It was in London that I last saw her.

I recognized her the moment I saw her.

I recognized her as soon as I saw her.

I saw her at it with great enthusiasm.

It happened that I saw her on the bus.

He turned pale the instant he saw her.

Going home last night, I saw her again.

I recognized Mary the moment I saw her.

She cried out the moment she saw her mother.

She has changed greatly since I last saw her.

I saw her taking a walk in the park at midnight.

When she saw her test score, she burst into tears.

When he saw her letter, he felt somewhat uneasy.

When I saw her recently, she looked very happy.

I saw her at the station five days ago, that is, last Friday.

His face broke into a grin when he saw her coming towards him.

I met the girl in the park the other day, and I saw her again.

I saw her for a moment, but then lost sight of her in the crowd.

The old woman really brightened up when she saw her granddaughter.

She giggled when she saw her brother with his strange new haircut.

I can’t remember precisely when I saw her, but it wasn’t very long ago.

A slight smile crossed her face when she saw her husband entering the room.

When she finally saw her father, he seemed distant and uninterested in her.

She laughed cheerfully when she opened the door, and saw her surprise party.

Janet was on the edge of tears when she saw her broken toy lying on the floor.

Your mother made no mention of the health problems she was having when I saw her.

After my grandmother died, I saw her ghost sitting in her favorite chair one evening.

Sheila broke into a wide grin when she saw her fiancé coming up the aisle towards her.

One of the proudest moments in her life came when she saw her son graduate from medical school.

When I saw her smiling and talking to my friend, it all clicked, she was cheating on me with him.

One of the proudest moments in her life was the day she saw her son graduate from medical school.

She was pretty drunk when I saw her at the party, but by morning she was sober enough to go home.

It was hard for her to restrain her emotions when she saw her sister for the first time in 20 years.

You told her she looked heavier than the last time you saw her? What an incredibly idiotic thing to say.

Yona’s friends did their best to console her after she saw her boyfriend kissing another girl at the party.

Elizabeth seemed quite cheerful the last time I saw her, so she seems to have gotten over the loss of her cat.

He had been separated from his wife for over 40 years, but he still recognized her the instant he saw her in the airport.

He said he saw her face for just a few seconds when guards uncovered it.

That’s the way photographer Douglas Kirkland saw her when they met in 1961.

I knew she was going to grow and be fantastic when I first saw her on Idol.

336783 I heard the lady screaming and saw her pick up the baby,”” he said.”

76285 As he tried to help her, he saw her life ebbing away,”” Truman said.”

Bordier saw her sister, who is an actress, in a YouTube video in December 2012.

She then saw her 25 or 30 years later playing the same role, the magic was gone.

The actress saw her own mother die from the disease in the same year she shot the film.

“To have something like that so close to you and thinking ‘I just saw her,’” said Olson.

931112 When Pepabano finally saw her family everyone cried with tears of joy and hugged.

634011 Some clients, including a pole dancer she discussed Friday, saw her a half-dozen times.

A recent ITV drama series about her early years saw her portrayed by the actress Sheridan Smith.

It was at a funeral home where the 60-year-old Montes saw her son for the first time in a decade.

Drove up and saw it when the neighbors were seeing it, so she drove up and saw her house on fire.

In this instance, an employee saw her reach into the tip jar and called her out, LA Weekly reports.

642503 So when the Herne Bay man saw her driving along Millstrood Road in Whitstable he gave chase.