school children in a sentence

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They are both school children.

They were school children then.

Elementary school children go to school for a term of six years.

Cell phones have become a real status symbol among school children.

Local school children were out working today, cleaning up litter in our city’s largest park.

Elementary and primary school children don’t yet know good from evil or reality from fiction.

Thousands of school children crowded into a sports stadium to hear Nelson Mandela speak when he came here.

A group of elementary school children held their teacher captive, and demanded a ransom of apple pie and chocolate milk.

The nature house offers a number of interesting interpretative programs on the lifecycle of the salmon for local school children.

The old man’s graphic description of his experiences in the war frightened many of the school children who attended his presentation.

Parents of elementary school children sometimes seem to forget that playing with friends is an essential part of the social development of a child.

Some people suggest that school history texts are merely propaganda made by governments to control the thoughts and perspectives of school children.

Most countries put a premium on feeding school children a healthy meal at lunchtime.

So early school children can sometimes be identified as having “special skills” in several domains.

school children gather to view the partial solar eclipse at the Glasgow Science Centre in Glasgow, S …