seasonal in a sentence

The seasonal rain front is moving in tomorrow.

seasonal floods often block roadways in Cameroon.

The decline is not so deep after seasonal adjustment.

Even so, kindergartens are sensitive to seasonal events.

Hail is not seasonal, so it can occur at any time of year.

Our seasonal temperatures depend on the amount of heat we receive from the sun.

Many people in this country suffer from seasonal depression during the winter months.

seasonal temperature changes are more subtle near the equator than they are in other areas.

Houses in that part of the world are built on raised platforms to deal with the seasonal floods.

During mating season at the end of the seasonal rains, elephants mass together into groups of 100-200.

The introduction of automation in the harvesting of fruit has cost a lot of seasonal workers their jobs.

There are more and more employees working in part-time, temporary, seasonal and on-call positions in today’s contingent economy.

For delayed flights, seasonal adjustments are made on the basis of the original flight date and so refunds of airmile difference will not be made.

Adjustments also are made for quarterly factors and seasonal demand.

460894 Like any other agriculture product, cheese is a seasonal food.

“The cocktail repertoire includes quaffs spiked with seasonal produce.

The orchard is currently selling figs, peaches, sage and seasonal iteMs. The overnight low will drop to a seasonal -24 C with a wind chill of -36.

So far this season, however, seasonal businesses say tourists are staying home.

But that’s exactly the type of pattern that seasonal adjustment should filter out.

Analysts also attributed some of the gains in stocks to year-end seasonal factors.

189059 Determining what strains to include in the seasonal flu vaccine is not easy.

Root veggies and winter squash are only the beginning of healthy, seasonal options.

660073 Temperatures have been significantly cooler than the seasonal norms for 2015.

One should not wait for any feeling of responsibility from such seasonal authorities.

Sunshine will return Thursday, but with temperatures closer to the seasonal norm of 23C.

The drink — referred to as the “PSL” by the company and fans — is a seasonal offering.

The seasonal positions range from ski instructors, operators, to helping out in the lodge.

This may seem obvious – the seasonal surge in ice cream or warm winter boots, for example.

Hike up a moderate trail, discuss seasonal changes and identify planets and constellations.

California’s unemployment rate last month, unadjusted for seasonal effects, was 6.2 percent.

Now my aim is to eat seasonal whole foods, to be intuitive about hunger and have more energy.

Holiday get-togethers with relatives are often cited as the biggest source of seasonal stress.

Allergens such as pollen or pet dander usually affects both eyes, and is seasonal/situational.

Drovers roundabout is not the only landmark in town expected to be given a seasonal make over.

Hours have been extended and seasonal staff have been hired on to cope with the surge in demand.

Previous research has found similar seasonal changes in various components of the immune system.

At Omuraya, counters are piled high with the colorful, seasonal dishes known in Kyoto as obanzai.

A monsoon is characterized by a seasonal reversal in winds, along with a change in precipitation.

The seasonal variation in the immune system’s activity may have evolutionary roots, Wallace said.

seasonal FactorsInvestors also might be ignoring earnings altogether, distracted by other factors.

Donations are needed in the weeks leading up to the holidays to help offset this seasonal decline.

The EIA says commercial crude inventories are at their highest seasonal levels in at least 80 years.

Anchorage collected only 20 inches of snow this season, compared with a seasonal average of 60 inches.

Hunter-gatherer tribes settled around seasonal food stocks to become agrarian villages.

They found clear seasonal patterns in both algal abundance and carbon sinking rates.

Long broken ridges with irregular patches of more recent alluvium have marks of seasonal cultivation.